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New Customer Spotlight: MSD, Inc

MSD, Inc. is a trusted family-owned mechanical contractor covering the southern half of Ohio. Their services range from HVAC, plumbing, and electrical to building automation and control. The company places a strong emphasis on maintaining, enhancing, and extending the life expectancy of facilities from small repairs all the way to large-scale design and construction projects.

The contractor recently joined 75F's customer base to differentiate their controls offerings from competitors. Joe Thacker, Energy Service Sales Specialist out of MSD's Dayton, Ohio location, points to 75F's pre-programmed controllers, fast installation, low costs, and higher end-customer value as MSD's reasons for picking 75F as a partner.

"We have a want list, and then we have what we can actually afford. Trying to marry those two can be a bit of a dance. (75F) really gives (our customers) the best of both worlds — they can have their wish list, and still have the lower install cost at the same time. It's really a win, win, win."

Joe Thacker / MSD

Watch Joe explain why 75F helps MSD better serve their customers with a sophisticated analytics package and out-of-the-box control capabilities.

Lauren French

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