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75F® CCU

A modern and practical head-end workstation for real-time insight and control.


208.5 mm x 145 mm (8.2” x 5.7”) 

Mounting (2) #8 screws over standard electrical junction box
Operating Range 0-50˚C (32-122˚F)
Screen 8" 1200x800
Termination Common Pogo Pin termination for USB port and +5V DC power
Microprocessor Processor MT8163, quad core, 64-bit, Cortex - A53, 1.3GHZ
HVAC Controls Two-stage heating and cooling, two-stage fan, 0-10V modulating output for VFD, heating/cooling hydronics, one humidifier 


(2) 0-10V analog inputs
(2) 10k thermistor inputs


(4) 0-10V or 4-20V mA analog outputs
(8) 110V AC, 24V DC/1A relays

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi to connect to internet
Bluetooth 2.4GHz; used for pairing devices (e.g. 75F® Smart Node™ equipment control)
Mesh 900 MHz IEEE 802.15.4-compliant; used for device communications on mesh network
Wired 3 wire communication to backup RTH

Supply 24V AC/DC or 5V DC
Peak Consumption 5VA (during Smart Damper calibration). Typical <1VA consumption
Protection 4,325 mAh - 7 hours active display; weeks in standby