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A productive, healthy environment for half your HVAC energy bill.

HVAC accounts for up to 51% of utility costs in a typical office building.

Office tenants pay costly maintenance bills in addition to utility costs. Contractors rarely provide a breakdown of charge, resulting in hidden costs and surprising bills. 75F's IoT based building automation system for offices can save up to 50% on your HVAC energy bill while creating a comfortable, healthy environment for greater employee productivity.

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Existing equipment, easy install

Whether you’re in a new building or a 20-year-old office space, installation is a breeze. Our smart HVAC solution is versatile and can be retrofitted to your existing equipment or spec’d into a new build.

Built-in analytics for visibility and control

Solve heating and cooling problems in your office before they occur with our predictive, intelligent system. With real-time alerts, see and control it all from your laptop and smartphone.

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Reach your energy goals

From air quality optimization to comfortable zone control to lighting, we offer smart building automation solutions for high-performing, efficient buildings and occupants to match. Lower energy costs also mean a drastically reduced carbon footprint. Your tenants will appreciate both; especially when they learn to personalize their space with our user app.

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