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MSR Design

Architecture firm improves indoor air quality

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Minneapolis, MN
13,737 SQ FT


MSR Design is an architecture firm based in Minneapolis that specializes in sustainable, equitable, healthy and beautiful projects across the U.S.

Before installing 75F, MSR Design was headquartered in a St. Paul building that sparked significant occupant complaints about poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and noise levels. After running a series of IAQ tests, the firm discovered they had excessive volatile organic compound (VOC) levels and other IAQ issues. The firm needed its headquarters to fit the health and wellness standards their architects strive to achieve in their own projects, so they decided to move locations and build a space of their own.

MSR Design planned for its new space to fulfill the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Materials Petal, a deep certification for healthy, sustainable buildings. The firm needed building controls that would maintain exceptional IAQ and help them qualify for the LBC challenge.


MSR Design's new headquarters is located on the second floor of an 11-story office building in downtown Minneapolis. 75F installed 11 Smart Nodes, two Central Control Units, and a series of sensors and one Smart Stat to monitor and enhance IAQ.

During the office suite's renovation process, MSR Design utilized 75F sensors to verify IAQ in the space. Because of this, their team discovered that CO2 was back-drafting into the office in the early hours of the morning, well after the main building's system had shut down. This issue was affecting all other floors of the building, but was thus far undetected because the main building did not have a building management system (BMS) in place.

MSR Design was able to act as the data liaison by showing the information and alerts from 75F to the main building operators so they could correct the issue.

"Occupant feedback was fantastic. The first day we moved in, everyone was amazed at how quiet the space was. They said when they opened the door, they could actually feel the difference in the air quality compared to the outside environment."

Rhys MacPherson / Senior Associate


After completing their 75F installation, MSR Design was able to achieve a Living Building Challenge Materials Petal certification. Their office si the first to do this in the state of Minnesota. Occupant complaints regarding IAQ and comfort in the MSR Design office have virtually disappeared, and guests frequently point out the unique quietness and breathability in the space.

Thanks to 75F's IoT-based monitoring and control capabilities, building operators have been able to catch and fix issues such as broken windows letting in cold air during unoccupied hours.