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Diagnostic tools allow contractors to be more efficient


Since 1950, Midland Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing heating and cooling systems in new and existing homes and small commercial buildings. They provide services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Richfield, Bloomington, Burnsville, Edina and surrounding communities.

Midland president and owner, Todd Shuman, understood the importance of integrating Internet of Things (IoT)-based products into their lineup. Impressed by the technology, Midland partnered with 75F in the summer of 2015 to begin offering the solution. In a few short months, they installed the system at several buildings.


Installations in the first few months included:

The Reserve – A co-working office space in Edina, MN representing a huge win for Midland in the commercial building space. This large build featured over 50 zones.

Salo – A corporate staffing and consulting firm in downtown Minneapolis, Midland was able to solve their comfort issues and save energy.

YogaFit – A 24-hour yoga studio in Loring Park, MN, leveraging the 75F scheduling feature to schedule the appropriate temperatures across all yoga classes. With the 75F solution, the studio delivers a great customer experience and increases operational efficiency without compromising sustainability.

"My relationship with 75F is a highly profitable one. I really enjoy the experience!"

Todd S. / Midland Owner


Midland found that offering the 75F solution was a key business growth driver, allowing them to deliver comfort, while saving energy for their customers. While Midland previously subcontracted the control work out, the simplicity of the 75F technology allowed them to readily take on that piece themselves, making them more efficient and profitable.

"75F is extremely easy to install. The wiring is a breeze. For all the customers we've done it for, they've really enjoyed it." — Kyle B. | Services Manager

The 75F Facilisight diagnostics tool also allows contractors to be more efficient, providing insight into equipment performance that can help predict equipment failures and verify service needs. This easy-to-use suite of web and mobile apps provide insight into the 75F system, making contractors more knowledgeable than ever before.

Project Highlights: The Reserve

Facility managers for the Reserve specifically sought out the 75F solution as an energy savings driver in their new Woodbury building, after installing the system in their Edina location. A co-working space with multiple work stations and meeting rooms, they wanted a solution that would be energy efficient without sacrificing the comfort of their tenants. The Reserve insisted that 75F be included in the specifications for the building and sought a contractor with 75F experience.

Fortunately for Midland, they had previously installed the solution at Salo, a project similar in scope. This previous 75F installation was enough to secure Midland as the chosen company for the entire Reserve design build. With over 50 zones, this substantial project opened up a whole new world of customers for Midland. Not only was owner Todd pleased to get the project, but he was also pleased with the support he received.