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St. Paul, MN
52,000 sq ft
Office | Warehouse
Non-profit gains facility visibility and future-proof control


Merrick, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that provides life enrichment services and work support to more than 375 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

When the organization began its search for a controls system in 2019, their geothermal system included a three-pump station with no monitoring capabilities, two ERV units that ran 24/7, seven thermostats, 23 heat pumps and a greenhouse with a boiler and radiant in-floor heat.

Before installing 75F, Merrick's legacy controls system was outdated and no longer supported. Due to insufficient monitoring and alerts, a heat pump failure that could not be solved for two months caused employees to wear their winter coats in the office. Their organization needed a future-proof building management system that is proactive and comprehensive, and allows for real-time remote access and control.


Merrick paired with Minify Energy to find a building controls solution that would modernize their facility and simultaneously drive energy efficiency with the organization's geothermal building system.

Minify identified 75F for its future-proof reliability and Internet of Things-enabled features such as real-time alerts and remote control. Merrick also chose 75F over competittors for the fast and easy installation process.

75F installed three Central Control Units, 23 Smart Stats, six Smart Nodes, and enabled boiler and hydronic well pump monitoring. Using a combination of state and municipal grants, rebates, low-interest financing, and using utility savings as payment, Merrick was able to cover 25 percent of their project cost.

"As sustainable and environmentally friendly as this system is to our local community, a lot of our decisions came through the ROI and whether 75F could reduce our monthly expenses for utilities so we can use those dollars to meet our mission."

John Wayne Barker / Executive Director


Merrick's occupants report greatly improved comfort in the 52,000-square foot space. Thanks to modern monitoring and alerts, Merrick is now able to catch system problems before they cause long-term issues. When one of the building's constant-volume ERV units began drawing in uncomfortably cold air, the facility manager was quickly able to pinpoint and solve the issue.

Beyond improved comfort and facility control, Merrick is enjoying a projected savings of $10,000 per year.