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Our automation system ensures guest comfort, installs in half the time and saves 50% on energy costs.

Redefine comfort. Optimize efficiency. Delight your guest while saving up to 50% on energy costs.

75F's unique solution ensures exceptional guest comfort, improved operational efficiency, reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

From guest rooms to common areas, from the restaurant to the kitchen – each area of a hotel needs a unique approach to saving energy, optimizing comfort and improving manageability.

By studying and analyzing usage patterns and heat loads in your hotel, the 75F system knows when a guest room is going to be occupied or when the restaurant rush hour will begin. It proactively works to keep temperatures consistent and improve indoor air quality. Our self-optimizing system does all the work, ensuring your hotel is always efficient, comfortable, automated and smart! 

75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps, provides real-time energy metrics empowering you to monitor and manage energy usage across your hotel or chain of hotels right from your phone, tablet or computer.

Say goodbye to hot & cold spots

Our award-winning 75F® Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ technology democratizes temperature control and makes sure makes sure every inch of your hotel is comfortable. By understanding the patterns of your hotel such as occupancy schedules and kitchen rush hour, our system proactively works to keep temperatures consistent. 

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Improve air quality for happy guests & healthy employees

Unlike other solutions in the market, our innovative technology uses live data feeds to measure outside enthalpy, improve indoor air quality and even balance the differential pressure in your hotel's restuarant. Enjoy energy savings while optimizing employee and guest health.

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Smart occupancy detection for 24/7 comfort and effiency

The 75F® HyperStat is our energy and indoor air quality powerhouse. Its eight onboard sensors and key card integration feature keep your guests comfortable when they're in their room, and your energy bills low when they're not.

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Control & monitor from anywhere

We do more than simply report your energy use. We proactively manage it and give you the ability to do the same. With 75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps, you can view everything from your entire portfolio's performance to real-time zone data. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

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November 25, 2019

Monitor & Control from Anywhere

Facility directors have real time access to sensor data and remote control over building parameters through the HyperStat’s integration with Facilisight, 75F’s building intelligence suite of web and mobile apps.

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Whitepaper: Energy Savings in Large Hotels

This whitepaper uses data provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to show the potential energy savings of the 75F IoT Building Management System (BMS) in U.S. large hotels. 

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