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75F’s intelligent, low-cost solution solves comfort and energy issues in commercial buildings and increases your bottom line through easy-to-use technology.

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Learn how the 75F Building Automation System Works.

Your building is dynamic. That’s why we created a smart solution that uses the Internet of Things and cloud computing to predict, analyze, monitor, and control your building’s hot and cold spots before they occur.

75F Continuous Commissioning predictively and proactively keeps your indoor environment optimized. By continually monitoring a room’s needs, analyzing incoming data and controlling what goes in and out, our system effectively manages your building’s energy loads. This prevents thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances, regardless of which heating or cooling system you have. The process saves money and energy — in fact, it saves up to 70% in total energy costs.

Company Overview

Proactive Airside Control

Our award-winning 75F® Dynamic Airflow Balancing system makes heating and cooling your building a breeze. This dynamic solution solves HVAC temperature imbalances to keep people comfortable all day long. 75F® Continuous Commissioning ensures HVAC equipment runs only when it needs to, maximizing air quality, comfort, and energy savings.

Dynamic Airflow Balancing

Central Plant Optimization

75F designed an end-to-end solution for your central plant and chilled water system to maintain comfort while saving more energy. Easily-installed inlet and outlet temperature sensors and hydronic controls can deliver multi-site, multi-system optimization of boilers, chillers, mixing valves, water source heat pumps, hydronic pumps, lead/lag controls, in-floor radiant heat systems, cooling towers, and all other central plant equipment.

Energy Management

Go beyond your monthly energy statement and see your energy use being optimized in real time. 75F® Facilisight — our suite of mobile apps — provides remote control and instant access to all your buildings' data. This portal is easy to use and accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our energy-saving technology keeps you in the know.


An Application for Every Use Case

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