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Amazing Lash

Salon franchise improves occupant comfort with precise zone control

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2,400 sq ft


Amazing Lash Studio is a premium salon franchise offering eyelash extensions. A fast-growing retailer, Amazing Lash's current portfolio of 160 locations has an additional 114 future sites planned for immediate expansion. Amazing Lash recently opened two new locations in the Minnesota market, where they have partnered with 75F to install our building automation system.

Since Amazing Lash offers a premium experience with a focus on comfort, they were seeking zoned environmental controls and humidity levels within their studios, which meant the new buildout required zone controls. Large windows in the Amazing Lash lobby area were creating solar gain, with swings in temperature that needed to be balanced. The lash rooms at Amazing Lash function like individual offices, where it's important to be able to finely control the temperature and humidity from zone to zone.


Amazing Lash initially vetted the 75F solution against Carrier®, a major provider of heating and air-conditioning systems. They found the 75F system to be a significantly better fit and value, both in terms of installation and operational costs. The 75F system was designed into the plans by an engineer and bid against by contractors. 75F has provided a solution to Amazing Lash that improves the overall use of the building while offering significantly lower operational and installation costs, as compared to traditional zone systems from larger HVAC suppliers.

A single rooftop unit was already installed, which was fitted with the 75F® Outside Air Optimization solution, including sensors, controls and software interface. Outside Air Optimization saves energy by optimizing the amount of outside air allowed into HVAC package units while maintaining high comfort standards.

In addition to Outside Air Optimization, Amazing Lash implemented 75F® VAV Zoning solution with the 75F® Smart Node – a multi-purpose terminal equipment controller – and the 75F® Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor (RTH). The Smart Node and RTH communicate and work to continually monitor and control both the temperature and the humidity for each of the five zones at Amazing Lash. Predictive algorithms mean that the system is always working to keep temperatures comfortable and to optimize energy usage.

"Since 75F has been installed, it really runs itself. I don't feel like I have to oversee it on a daily basis."

Patty C. / Franchise Owner


Amazing Lash plans to continue working with 75F for a series of retrofits and national rollouts. Our innovative technology has dramatically lowered the install costs for HVAC zoned systems. 75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps – which is included in all solutions – provides insight into buildings across a portfolio and makes operating multiple locations easy.

Thanks to 75F® VVT Zoning and Outside Air Optimization, Amazing Lash now benefits from precise zone controls which ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels across their buildings. Ease of installation by contractor and simple setup made the 75F system a standout choice for Amazing Lash. Dramatically increased comfort and lower operating costs have provided an improved experience for customers and franchisee owners alike.