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Roseville, MN
8,000 sq ft
Energy Savings
Roseville co-working building energy costs less than half of other locations


The Reserve is a premiere suburban co-working space which offers accessible office locations across the Twin Cities for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. After installing the 75F system in their Edina and Woodbury locations, and finding it a valuable source of energy savings, facility managers included the system in the construction specifications of their new Roseville location, as well.

The Reserve's Roseville location is their largest to-date – featuring multiple conference rooms, a kitchen, and 52 separate offices occupied by clients with varying temperature requirements and schedules. Building owners at The Reserve were looking for an easy way to manage temperatures across all offices and all three locations –as well as a building control system that was flexible enough to manage the fluctuating building capacity. Their modern Roseville building also features floor-to-ceiling windows, meaning temperatures needed to be balanced between the lobby and the interior offices.


The 75F® Dynamic Airflow Balancing Solution (DAB) solution was implemented across all 59 zones at The Reserve in Roseville. 75F installed a 75F® Central Control Unit (CCU) in each zone to allow occupants to adjust temperatures to their liking within a specified range. Finely-tuned damper controls were added to ensure that each office stayed at the desired temperature, without affecting nearby rooms.

The solution also included the 75F® Smart Stat – an integrated in-room, wall-mounted user interface with seven onboard sensors and thermostat zone controls for dual-stage HVAC equipment. The Dynamic Airflow Balancing package also included 75F® Remote Temperature and Humidity (RTH) sensors, which take thermal snapshots every 60 seconds. Sensor data is analyzed along with weather forecast data via cloud analytics to send the optimal control strategy to the Central Control Unit (CCU).

The Roseville location features floor-to-ceiling windows on the east side of the building. To maximize operational efficiency, 75F zoned the space accordingly, using separate RTUs to control the exterior zones affected by the windows, and the interior offices, which aren't as affected by sunlight warmup. Unoccupied or underutilized offices are set as low priority in the system, which means they're allowed to drift outside the set temperature range to reduce energy waste.

"75F allows me to have building flexibility — the same way that I allow flexibility for small businesses."

Mary B. / Chief Operating Officer


75F has brought incredible efficiency to The Reserve co-working spaces. Despite the space being twice as large, energy costs are less than half of their original Edina location, where 75F only controls a portion of the building. Occupants enjoy a better work environment and increased productivity thanks to comfortable temperatures.

With Facilisight®, 75F's suite of web and mobile apps, building owners and facility managers at The Reserve enjoy insight and control across all their offices and locations. Temperatures can be remotely scheduled and adjusted, and the health of the system can be monitored to ensure maximum efficiency.

The Reserve is always looking for their next location across the Twin Cities.

"I guarantee you that when we find that next location, we'll be partnering with 75F." — Mary B. | Chief Operating Officer