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75F Joins Project Haystack Organization

75F is excited to announce our new membership with the Project Haystack Organization, a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling — or data tagging — to streamline the inter-change of data among different systems, devices, equipment, and software applications. 

Project Haystack is an important element to the accessibility of 75F's IoT Building Management System (BMS). Our current platform was built from the ground up using standard tagging definitions found in Project Haystack, meaning anyone familiar with the open-source library — an industry standard — will be able to rapidly assimilate the 75F Haystack API. 

These APIs provide deep integration of the 75F IoT BMS with any other Web service. This allows system integrators, third-party developers and customer IT teams the ability to access the site data associated with a 75F solution. The interface is authenticated via a token that is generated per site, ensuring granular security. The extent of the integration is unlimited, as are the possibilities. 

"At 75F, we look forward to a future in which every building has an automation system in place," said Deepinder Singh, founder and CEO of 75F. "75F's role in this fundamental shift is to simplify complex problems in the commercial building controls space and make automation affordable and accessible to all, no matter a building's age or equipment. Project Haystack is critical to this vision, and we sincerely look forward to contributing to this community and our world." 

Founding Member and Board Member companies of the Project Haystack Organization include Conserve It, J2 Innovations, Legrand, Lynxspring, Siemens, and SkyFoundry.

"Since our organization's formation in March 2011, Project Haystack has played the leading role in making device data interoperable, providing the industry with a standard metadata model, tools, reference implementations and educational materials, all developed by a true open-source community," John Petze, Executive Director of the Project Haystack Organization, said in a press release. "Membership in the organization, participation in working groups, and adoption in real-world projects, now estimated to be over 40,000 facilities worldwide, all point to the growth and acceptance of the Haystack standard."

About Project Haystack

Celebrating 10 years! Since its formation in March of 2011, the Project Haystack Organization, a 501(c) nonprofit trade association, provides the industry with an open-source, collaborative environment to address the challenge of making data self-describing using semantic modeling, also known as data tagging. The work developed by the Project Haystack member companies and community is streamlining the process of managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amount of data produced by smart devices and equipment systems. The Haystack methodology can be used with virtually any type of system and device data, and is not tied to any vendor or communication protocol. 

More information about the Project Haystack Organization for Developers, the Discussion Forums and Working Groups can be found at: https://project-haystack.org

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