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Live From AHR 2022: Catch the Latest Updates

After a long break from in-person events, the industry is slowly kicking back into gear. Among the most anticipated events to return is AHR, beginning today and running through Wednesday.

Not every organization feels it's the right time for them to return to in-person events — if you find yourself in that category but still want to know what's happening on the show floor, we have you covered.

Refresh this page throughout the day or head to our Twitter page for live updates from the industry's largest show.

Day 1 of AHR

8:59 AM: "Crowd flowing in from the awesome@lvmonorail from all down the strip and all over the world, and the first door takes you to@carrier and their awesome booth in the central hall"

9:07 AM: "Next down the row is ziehl-abegg with a beautiful booth this year."

10:03 AM: "Doors are open!"

10:06 AM: "@ahrexpomexicois September 20th to 22nd 2022 in Guadalajara Mexico, they want #ahrexpo2022 vendors to know that spaces are still available for the largest HVACR show in Latin America!"

10:07 AM: "The first podcast of the day have started at #ahrexpo2022"

12:20 PM: "The famous Picture frame air conditioners are back @ahrexpo from @LGUS, along with the Multi V 5 VRF and water source system"

12:27 PM: "@turntidetech here in #ahrexpo2022 in the north hall. There's showcasing their data center products, including the new TX motor. #AHRLive"

12:32 PM: "@OilonUS is here at #ahrexpo2022 showcasing not just their boilers, but thier 248 degree hot water heat pumps, which lower energy consumption across commercial building of all sizes."

12:35 PM: "Here at@GoBuildOps which is giving away a pizza oven at the show. #ahrexpo2022 #ahrlive #hvacr"

12:43 PM: "@USFleetTracking brought a car and driving simulator! The fastest lab each day gets two tickets to an NASCAR event anywhere in the country! @ahrexpo booth 11314, stop by and win. 17 seconds is the current Bristol motor speedway lap record. #AHRLive"

12:47 PM: "@Harrisproducts brought cutting torches and what they claim the perfect flame for copper brazing. Open flames on the trade show floor. Not something you see every day. #ahrexpo2022"

2:04 PM: "It's always so cool to see a live demo of product. @MestekMachinery they are showing off their Laser Max. Surprisingly very quiet. #AHRLive #ahrexpo2022"

5:10 PM: "Bob French is giving one of the many presentations he's done today here at the 75F booth @ahrexpo and #AHRlive"

Day 2 of AHR

8:59 AM: "And we're back! It's beautiful day two at @ahrexpo #ahrexpo2022. Conversations with attendees and colleagues last night was that this is one of the biggest age our shows that anyone can remember. Bigger even than pre-pandemic."

9:25 AM: "Everyone is streaming into the convention center@LVCVA, one of the largest buildings on Earth. The building has 2.5 million square feet of AHR exhibit space, plus 225 meeting rooms (more than 390,000 square feet)."

9:30 AM: "FirstCo is ready for show start with their HydroTech Slim 16 and a crowd gathering.@ahrexpo #ahrexpo2022"

9:37 AM: "Checking out @meritbrassco at c6700 and their line of products here at #AHRExpo. Doors opening soon!"

10:58 AM: "Day 2 is starting off hot! #AHR2022 #AHRexpo"

Day 3 of AHR

11:30 AM: "Day 3@ahrexpoand@HvacJerksare getting game faces on before show start"

11:45 AM: "@MitsubishiHVAC showing off their beautiful hybrid VRF @ahrexpo #ahrexpo2022 #AHRExpo

11:54 AM : "@ahrexpo and we have our first sighting of a #ASHRAE Guideline 36 sighting in the wild...one copy left! Their children's book for kids interested in STEM sold out on day one! @ashraenews bestseller list?"

12:00 PM: "There's a crowd gathering, looking at custom brazing from leader @LucasMilhaupt #AHRExpo #ahrexpo2022 #AHR2022"

12:08 PM: "@enverid here at #AHRExpo has huge crowds looking at their indoor air scrubbing technology. The system captures CO2 and VOCs to increase air quality and energy savings simultaneously. @ahrexpo #ahrexpo2022"

12:32 PM: "Here looking at @Infinitum fully integrated motor in VFD drives that are lightweight, small, fantastically energy efficient, and also extremely quiet. @ahrexpo #ahrexpo2022"

12:37 PM: " @NidecMotorCorp and @Embraco with a big open booth and thier new SynrRA motors.@ahrexpo and #ahrexpo2022"

4:26 PM: "That's a wrap@ahrexpo! As we like to say, this isn't a goodbye, just a see you next time. So long to all the vendors and guests at #AHRExpo2022 here in Las Vegas@LVCVA. Check out http://75f.io or follow us here to stay in touch."

Lauren French

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