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How the 75F® Smart Stat Works with Heat Pump Units

The 75F® Smart Stat provides an integrated, in-room, wall-mounted user interface with 7 onboard sensors and thermostat zone controls for single and dual-stage HVAC equipment. The Smart Stat can control a range of equipment to support comfortable, healthy and efficient buildings. When the Smart Stat is used to control a heat pump unit, it operates very similarly to a typical thermostat with a few added benefits for a commercial environment. Here's why the Smart Stat works so well with heat pump units:

  • The Smart Stat communicates through a 900 MHz mesh network back to the Central Control Unit (CCU) like all 75F terminal equipment for reliable communication and remote access. 

  • Data streaming from the Smart Stat can be used as an immediate indicator of a mechanical issue. Meaning you should know about the issue before your tenants do. 

  • Programming is simple and remotely accessible. You no longer have to physically go to the thermostat to set schedules, nor do you have to manage multiple log-ins. The ability to program user limits also allows you to schedule changes without approval. 

Wiring the Smart Stat to a Heat Pump is easy, just like a standard thermostat. 75F does provide a 10k type 2 thermistor probe for each Smart Stat sold, which is to be installed as the supply air temperature sensor. This sensor is used for alerting on poor unit health. 


The Smart Stat is a single set point thermostat, but don't let that scare you. The Smart Stat is highly configurable with heating and cooling dead bands, as well as a configurable hysteresis value. See the below simulation of a Smart Stat controlling a Heat Pump. 

The adjustable heating and cooling dead band offers many advantages as it allows you to:

  1. Eliminate short cycling to protect your unit from unnecessary wear 

  2. Support longer runtimes and higher operational efficiency

  3. Deliver precise occupant comfort

Other Features

The Smart Stat also has seven onboard sensors that can be viewed from your Facilisight account. Currently, none of the sensors, besides temperature, have any impact on the function of the unit. What they do is provide insight into the space so that you have the power to take action and speak confidently to any potential issues in the building. 

Matt Blount