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4 Energy Conservation Measures for Energy Consultants

Frustrated about how few of your Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) get implemented? Change the payback equation with a simple, low cost Building Automation System (BAS) from 75F that can support nearly all ECMs, prescriptive and custom. With modern technology, such as cloud computing, machine learning, wireless networking and mobile apps, 75F can rapidly implement ECMs with little or no programming and at half the cost when compared to a traditional BAS, with energy savings from 30% to 50%, a lower installation cost and a one to three-year payback.

No matter the square footage, buildings are dynamic entities – their control systems should be dynamic, too. Our smart HVAC solution makes commercial buildings more comfortable and energy efficient.

Here are some of the ECMs 75F can implement:

1. Occupancy Scheduling

Save energy by maintaining desired temperatures only during occupied hours. Plus, occupancy sensing and smart controls deliver lighting and air conditioning when spaces are occupied so your clients don't waste energy heating and cooling empty rooms. 

2. Outside Air Optimization

Our system brings in fresh outside air to provide free cooling and improve indoor air quality, while saving 30-50% on energy bills. Our advanced economizer control brings the power of Demand Control Ventilation and Comparative Enthalpy Economy to make RTU economizers smarter and more efficient. Equipped with cloud computing data storage and processing power, Outside Air Optimization is much more efficient than the standard economizer controller found in existing units.

3. VAV and CV Zoning

While our system can be spec'd into a new build, we also retrofit VAV and CV zoning systems for RTUs and Air Handling Units (AHUs) with smart controls. Our smart building controls use IoT-enabled data and algorithms to improve efficiency and drastically reduce electric bills. Not to mention we introduce remote control, monitoring and sensing capabilities to VAV with reheat systems so you and your clients can discover more ways to reduce your Operational Expenses (OpEx) even further!

75F implements the ASHRAE "RP-1455 Advanced Control Sequences for HVAC Systems" out of the box and couples it with proactive continuous commissioning. Much like Outside Air Optimization saves energy by making use of existing outside air, our smart VAV systems can utilize a recirculation fan to minimize wasted reheat energy by utilizing the preconditioned plenum air.

4. Lighting

Add controls to automatically turn lights on and off to save energy without the cost of LED upgrades. This functionality applies to large circuits of T8 lighting, HID indoor lighting (such as high bays) and exterior HID lighting with sunrise and sunset controls. With the capability to run up to 18 different circuits through a single LCM, our solution makes managing your lighting simple and scalable. Just like our HVAC solutions, smart lighting solutions can save energy and leave you with more time and money to focus on more important things.

Sarah Baker