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Optimizing Chillers and Boilers to Improve Energy Efficiency

Huge Energy Reductions at a Low Cost

What defines the load for chiller and boiler plants? It’s how the water is used throughout the building and it makes sense that the most effective way to improve plant performance is to reduce the load in terminal units, such as air handling units (AHUs), coils, and radiators. That’s where 75F excels. IoT sensors and machine learning predict and optimize terminal units to dramatically lower water consumption to save as much as 46% of the utility cost.

Intelligence to Reduce Boiler and Chiller Loads

We designed an end-to-end solution for your boilers, pumps, and cooling towers that maintains comfort while using less chilled water, all the while saving energy. 75F sensors in each zone work directly with the 75F® Central Control Unit – which gives you the ability to monitor the inlet and outlet temperatures, chilled water flow rates, and BTU energy consumption across the line. Our system understands, analyzes, and optimizes the overall performance of the HVAC system under a wide range of conditions, providing you with significant energy savings at an AHU level and at the chiller plant.

How it Works with Our Suite

While we won’t try to control a chiller or boiler itself, we can dramatically reduce their load while providing key performance indicators, such as supply and return water temperatures, with notifications. Optimizations, such as outside temperature reset, 3-way mixing, and lead/lag pump scheduling, are also available.

The 75F solution for boilers, pumps, & cooling towers is part of the 75F integrated suite for complete building intelligence. The system also works seamlessly to control:

Benefits and Key Differentiators

Feature Benefit
Wireless control Fast, low cost of install. Great for retrofits and upgrading BMS
Water Temperature and flow sesnor Fault detection and diagnostics
Configurable altering out-of-the-box Flexibility without custom programming
Continuous commissioning Ensures a consistent indoor environment
Remote re-configuration Eliminates site visits
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