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Renatus: Your Job Just Got Easier

The Renatus OS update enhances the 75F user features you know and love for facility insight and control like you’ve never experienced before. 

Facilisight's New Years Resolution is to Just be Better.

Meet your enhanced Facilisight portal, where monitoring zones, managing alerts, and pushing complex building schedules is faster and simpler than before. 

  • Make site-wide changes effective immediately with a new master building schedule function.

  • Stop adjusting set points throughout the seasons with separate set points for heating and cooling desired temperatures. 

  • Choose what you want — and don’t want — to know with custom alerts and alert muting. 

  • Upgraded graphs, color schemes, and heatmap filters make it easier than ever to interpret building data. 

Proving How Good You Are at Your Job is Pretty Easy Now.

Portfolio Energy Manager got a bit of a face lift. Now known as Portfolio Analytics Manager, this powerful Facilisight feature gives you the tools you need to visualize and share building data of all kinds, from energy savings to indoor air quality. 

  • Visualize and compare data across your portfolio, individual sites, or equipment. 

  • Build your own charts using any data point available through 75F’s solution. 

  • See the data most valuable to you every day with a customizable dashboard. 

  • Share your dashboard and charts with others within our outside of your organization through shareable links or embedded iframes. 

Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to level up your user experience, and we can’t wait to share these new features with you. Get in touch with our support team to learn how your free upgrade will be delivered to you.

Lauren French

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