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75F: The Future of Control

We believe in a future that is more accessible. Where a modern building management and intelligence system drives almost every commercial structure from a few hundred square feet on up; Where smart technologies like cloud computing, mobile apps, and wireless networks are used to drive costs down; Where building owners or facilities managers are squarely in the drivers seat with systems that are easier to install, easier to use, and easier to understand.

We believe in in a future that can scale. We are not interested in building smart sensors and controls for the few, but to create a platform that can make every building more comfortable and more efficient than it is today.

We believe in a future that is flexible, because building for the needs of today requires building for the possibilities of tomorrow. This begins with data that is open and interoperable, in a framework that can be leveraged for years to come. It requires extending local control from any wall-mounted thermostat or desktop into tablets and smartphones as well. It means not just optimizing for energy consumption, but dynamically adapting to the energy needs of guests or occupants—not just predicting future weather, but predicting future maintenance or service calls.

We believe in a future that is intelligent. More than cycling a conference room fan in response to occupancy and sound levels, or setpoints for temperature and CO2 that drift after hours, this means engaging future electrochromic windows based on the energy consumption of nearby rooms as well as the load on the electrical grid. It means adjusting white noise based on noise levels and and lighting to minimize impact on circadian rhythms. It means constantly monitoring and controlling VOCs and other contaminants to create healthy and productive indoor environments.

We believe in a future that works out of the box. Self-commissioning - no programming, no profanities required.

We believe in a future driven by data. Applied to machine learning algorithms, that data is unlocking secrets as to how our buildings perform and where the greatest gains can be achieved. Workflows are consolidated, with edge sensors and devices driving a unified platform for faster analytics, feedback and decision making. 3D thermic models of built environments of every shape and size are continuously mixed with weather forecasts and air quality data to proactively and predictively adjust indoor environments. If connectivity is what will make our future cities smart, data is what makes such intelligence possible.

Above all, we believe in staying a step ahead. From persistent technological innovation to continuous transformation, we are working to meet our customers’ current and future needs by enabling them to stay a step ahead of their customers’ needs. We do this by delivering a system more responsive to their buildings, a company more responsive to their needs, and a team more focused on sustainability and efficiency than anyone else out there or anything that has come before.

At 75F, we believe in the future. We believe in the future of control.

Deepinder Singh


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