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Malad Paradigm, Mumbai
100,000 sq ft
Energy Savings
AHU energy consumption cut by 45%


Firstsource Solutions, the trusted outsourcing partner for world’s leading brands, is known for delivering excellence in customer experience. With employees as their key strength, Firstsource Solutions looks to provide a comfortable, world-class working environment.

However, First source Solutions’ Malad Paradigm office in Mumbai faced significant temperature differences in different parts of the office – which was compromising employees’ comfort and in turn output. The facilities team spent considerable time and energy responding to regular complaints about hot spots and overcooling and were on the lookout for a permanent solution.

At the same time, as a responsible corporate citizen, reducing carbon footprint and being more sustainable is paramount to Firstsource. They embarked on a mission to conserve energy some years ago and are constantly looking for ways to further their efforts to improve energy efficiency in their facilities.

It was important to the facilities team that they resolve their comfort issues without compromising on energy efficiency; a solution they were struggling to find until they met the team from 75F.


Dedicated to offering a comfortable environment to their employees while saving energy, Firstsource Solutions deployed 75F’s Dynamic Airflow Balancing and Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing solutions across their Malad Paradigm facility. 75F installed a variety of automation controls at Firstsource to best suit their layout and needs. The 75F Facilisight suite of web and mobile apps is the central control hub, bringing cloud-based control solutions with remote monitoring, deep analytics and smart automation for optimal control of comfort and efficiency.

75F’s solutions collect 650 data points every minute and transmit the data to the wireless Central Control Unit (CCU), where it is sent to the cloud for processing. 75F’s proprietary algorithms determine the optimum settings for the next day’s strategy, factoring in everything from the local weather to Firstsource’s geographical orientation to determine the best control strategy. The system learns the building such as occupancy patterns, the angle of the sun, etc. thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention and control.

"Since we installed 75F's solution, we've achieved significant savings on our energy bills and have noticed a considerable improvement in comfort levels. Moreover, 75F's solution helped improve the productivity of my team."

Manjunath Srivatsa / Sr. VP, Administration & Security


Firstsource benefited from an extremely fast, non-intrusive installation, ensuring minimal disruption to the workforce. Facility managers at Firstsource can see real-time data for each system, making diagnostics as easy as grabbing a mobile phone or a laptop instead of populating and referring to lengthy excel sheets. Finally, the employees at Firstsource now enjoy consistent temperatures at all times making them more productive, comfortable and healthier, all while the company is saving energy.

75F’s solution at Firstsource achieved 45.63% on the AHU energy consumption while optimising the comfort of the occupants. These savings were realised by:

1. Optimized AHU operation via VFD, based on occupancy, zone temperatures, operation schedule, ambient conditions, etc.

2. Dynamic Airflow Balancing & Independent Zone, System and Vacation Schedules: Provides optimal airflow and cooling for the appropriate amount of me where and when it is needed, maintaining comfort while saving energy. 75F Solution at First Source delivered approximately 45.63% reduction in their AHU Energy consumption.

3. Occupancy Scheduling & Detection: Proactively adjusts cooling based on occu-pancy thereby reducing wastage and saving energy.