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Bright Power Case Study

Bright Power

Bright Power is a nation-wide leader in strategic energy solutions for building owners and operators. The organization’s mission is to increase the value and performance of buildings, improve the comfort, health and productivity of occupants, and eliminate negative impacts on the climate. Like many office buildings in New York, Bright Power’s leased space faced challenges with simultaneous heating and cooling. Learn how 75F helped Bright Power eliminate this issue and save 3X in cooling energy and 2X in heating energy!


MSR Design Case Study

MSR Design

MSR Design is an architecture firm based in Minneapolis that specializes in sustainable, equitable, healthy, and beautiful projects across the U.S. Before installing 75F, MSR Design was headquartered in a St. Paul building that sparked significant occupant complaints about poor indoor air quality. The firm moved locations and aimed for its new space to fulfill the Living Building Challenge Materials Petal, a prestigious wellness certification. Learn how 75F contributed to their award-winning space!


Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India

Mercedes-Benz R&D Centre, India

Innovation, efficiency, and comfort are the three signature virtues that characterize every Mercedes-Benz automobile. The same principles extend to how they operate their offices, and MBRDI's (Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India) recently inaugurated state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore is a shining example. Learn how 75F lowered their energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

Read the MBRDI Case Study

HOM Furniture Case Study

HOM Furniture

HOM Furniture is one of the nation’s largest furniture retailers serving customers in the upper Midwest with an average store size of 100,000+ square feet. These retail shopping environments are typically 1 or 2 story buildings and operate 7 days a week. Learn how we were able to reduce their energy consumption by 21.1%, verified using data from EnergyPrint.

Read the HOM Furniture Case Study

Amazing Lash High Performance Building Case Study

Amazing Lash

Amazing Lash Studio is a premium retail salon franchise offering eyelash extensions. A fast-growing retailer, Amazing Lash's current portfolio of 160 locations has an additional 114 future sites planned for immediate expansion. Amazing Lash recently opened two new locations in the Minnesota market, where they have partnered with 75F to add zone control, balance temperatures, and provide a comfortable building environment for customers. Click the button to download this high performance building case study!

Bringing Building Automation to Amazing Lash

FirstSource Commerical Building Case Study

Firstsource Solutions

Firstsource Solutions, the trusted outsourcing partner for world’s leading brands, is known for delivering excellence in customer experience. With employees as their key strength, Firstsource Solutions looks to provide a comfortable, world-class working environment. However, Firstsource Solutions’ Malad Paradigm office in Mumbai faced significant temperature differences in different parts of the 100,000 square foot office workplace – which was compromising employees’ comfort and in turn output. Click the button to download this great commercial building case study!

Read the FirstSource Solutions Case Study

Cyprus Classical Academy School Building Case Study

Cyprus Classical Academy Case Study

Our building intelligence solution is so easy to install, a kid could do it. The Cyprus Classical Academy in Burnsville, Minnesota is a private school that was facing an unwanted challenge: dramatic temperature imbalances. We brought the internet of things to the classroom, where elementary students learned how to install our smart damper controls as we retrofit the Cyprus Classical Academy with smart HVAC technology. The lesson? How to balance temperatures, control CO2 levels, and save on energy costs. Click the button to download this inspiring school building case study!

Bringing Smart HVAC to Cyprus Classical Academy

Flipkart Office Building Case Study

Flipkart Case Study

Flipkart, India’s most popular e-commerce brand, has a simple mantra; ‘To delight our customers externally, we need to delight our employees first.’ The company is hence dedicated to enhancing employee experience, benefits and wellness and prioritizes employee needs and feedback. Click the button to download the office building case study!

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75F Solution installed at Three Square Market - Office-Warehouse Building Case Study

Three Square Market Case Study

Three Square Market is the first US company to implant microchips in employees – so it's safe to say they're interested in finding practical applications for the internet of things. Our smart building system was a natural fit, as we brought smart HVAC controls to their offices and warehouses, automating their boiler units, in-floor heating, unit heater, VAV with Reheat system, and more. Click the button to download this great office-warehouse building case study!

Bringing Building Automation to Three Square Market

Border Foods - Taco Bell Restaurant Building Case Study

Border Foods Case Study

Border Foods, one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees in the nation, had been trying to solve temperature problems in their restaurants for years. The restaurant kitchens were too hot, while the dining areas were too cool. Learn how our smart building automation solution solved temperature imbalances and comfort issues across for Border Foods and other restaurants. Click the button to download this restaurant building case study!

Solving Temperature Imbalances at Border Foods

Magnet 360 Office Building Case Study

Magnet 360 Case Study

When Magnet 360 first moved into their 30,000 square foot office building in 2010, they found the office was hot and stuffy in the summer, and too cold in the winter. With over 50 office rooms, many with large glass windows, employees struggled to control the temperature. Learn how the 75F solution helps offices like Magnet 360 solve comfort issues by bringing smart temperature and zone control to existing HVAC equipment. Click the button to download this great office building case study!

How We Fixed the Magnet 360 Office

MapleTree Multi-Site Building Case Study

MapleTree Case Study

MapleTree Investments Pte Ltd has a built a strong reputation for developing internationally recognized and award-winning real estate solutions. With over $46.3 billion worth office, retail, logistics, industrial, residential, corporate housing / serviced apartment, and student accommodation properties being owned and managed by MapleTree, it’s known for facilities that are built on innovation in design, planning and execution excellence. Click the button to download this multi-site building case study!

Bringing Building Automation to MapleTree

YogaFit Studios Retail Building Case Study

YogaFit Studios Case Study

YogaFit Studios are the first studio in the country to offer 24-hour yoga, allowing students to practice at their own convenience. While the mission is simple, managing the room temperature in a yoga studio is challenging. With hot yoga, the studio temperature has to climb from 73˚F up to 90˚F – and then back down again. 

Our solution? To creating a custom scheduling system to automatically balance temperatures for YogaFit, leaving the instructors to focus on tree pose instead of temperature.  Click the button to download this great retail building case study!

Read the YogaFit Case Study

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware Multi-Site Building Case Study

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware: Retail Case Study

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a nationwide network of retail stores which faced a common problem: lost time, energy and money from thermostats that weren't working right. In addition to widely  varying energy bills, Rockler stores were seeking opportunities to save energy on lighting. Learn how 75F quickly retrofitted the store to install remote temperature monitoring and scheduling, as well as an automated single circuit lighting solution to help Rockler – and other retail stores – achieve comfort and energy savings. Click the button to download this nationwide, multi-site building case study!

Learn How We Automated Rockler Retail

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware: Headquarters - Office Building Case Study

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware: Office Headquarters Case Study

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware had two main challenges at their Medina, Minnesota office headquarters. First, employees working in the call center and art department frequently reported discomfort. The second challenge was energy waste: the poorly controlled bypass damper was wasting as much as 26% energy. Learn how 75F increased employee comfort without increasing Rockler's energy bill. Click the button to download this occupant comfort-driven building case study!

Bringing Building Intelligence to Rockler Headquarters

Midland Heating & Cooling Mechanical Contractor Case Study

Midland Heating & Cooling Case Study

It's not just customers who benefit from the 75F system. Midland Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing heating and cooling systems in new and existing buildings, partnered with 75F in the summer of 2015 to begin offering the solution. Learn how our easy installation makes for higher profits for contractors at Midland Heating & Cooling. Click the button to download this innovative mechanical contractor case study!

Read the Midland Heating & Cooling Case Study

Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant Building Case Study

Longhorn Steakhouse Case Study

Darden Restaurants, the largest fine dining restaurant group in the world with over 1,500 locations, was looking for a partner that could solve their comfort issues for their Longhorn Steakhouse Brand. Simultaneously, they sought a company that would help them meet their long-term energy efficiency goals. Click the button to download this great restaurant-focused building case study!


Read the Longhorn Restaurant Case Study

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