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Find the right balance between occupant comfort & energy efficiency.

Take better control of the HVAC System

75F Building automation system uses IoT sensors and cloud-based computing to build a predictive and proactive model of HVAC System, lighting, and energy management needs. 75F Continuous Commissioning™ ensures HVAC equipment runs only when it is needed.

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Enhanced Occupant experience

The 75F system not just collects temperature, humidity, and occupancy-related data but also analyzes it to create a thermal model of each office room. 75F Occupant app lets you create the ultimate tailored occupant experience. 

How It Works

Granular control across the office

75F’s Dynamic Airflow Balancing solution incorporates Smart Dampers, Sensors, RF Controllers and a Central Control Unit with its self-learning algorithms. With the help of weather forecasting & machine learning data, it accurately anticipates heat loads and air volume in these dynamically occupied zones and reacts accordingly. 

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Over The Air Updates

75F’s self-upgrading and non-intrusive wireless technology make it easier to scale up as per changing needs. The upgradation process, however, can be tedious and time-consuming. 75F’s new Over the Air (OTA) updates happen from the 75F Cloud onto the Central Control Unit to the field controllers without any downtime or an onsite engineer.

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