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The average person spends 92% of their day indoors.

Indoor Air Quality Management (IAQM) is an essential process to determine the level of contaminants present in indoor air and predictively and proactively optimize airflow while minimizing wasted energy costs via occupancy sensors, modeling and air quality data, demand control ventilation, outside air economizing, and other tools.


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Increased air quality

Increased air quality

Indoor Air Quality is often as high as 2-5 times worse than Outdoor Air Quality, according to the EPA. CO2 levels often exceed prescribed thresholds in both old and new buildings.


Increased productivity

Improved indoor air quality can boost employee productivity and cognitive functioning.  One study found that by doubling ventilation, cognitive performance increased by over 100%.


Reduced costs

A predictive, proactive system such as Outside Air Optimization can prolong lifespan equipment and provide significant energy efficiency savings.

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Millions of data points daily.

75F’s wireless IAQ sensors deliver over a million data points daily, including temperature, humidity, volatile organic compound (VOC), CO2, light, and sound levels. This data flows to the cloud, where we use machine learning algorithms and weather forecasts to optimize indoor air quality in real time.

Built-in occupancy sensors adjust ventilation to direct outside air where it is needed via Dynamic Airflow Balancing, while Outdoor Air Optimization uses free heating and cooling to maximize fresh air and minimize system costs, even in partially-occupied buildings.

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75F’s wireless IAQ sensors deliver over a million data points daily
ASHRAE Standards for IAQ

ASHRAE Standards for IAQ

Without air quality monitoring and management, the built environment poses a health risk for those who spend most of their day indoors. 75F follows ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 62.2 – which outline minimum ventilation rates and procedures, and quantities of air which must be delivered to each zone based on expected use and occupancy.


Demand Controlled Ventilation

Indoor spaces are often over-ventilated at the expense of greater mechanical conditioning and energy cost. Outside Air Optimization from 75F delivers demand-controlled ventilation (DCV), an ASHRAE-approved method, to adjust dampers based on occupancy. 

75F uses smart sensors to capture IAQ data to determine the amount of outside air required. The result is energy savings during low occupancy and improved system performance during high occupancy.

Demand Controlled Ventilation
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Managing viral transmission

75F’s IAQM solution can address research-supported methods of slowing the dispersal of viral particles in the built space. Studies show that incorporating high outside air volumes and maintaining a higher target relative humidity indoors are both critical strategies every business should use to mitigate the spread and survival of viral particles indoors.

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Remote insight, management & control

Increase efficiency with the ability to manage your entire system using our suite of web and mobile apps, 75F® Facilisight®. You can now make scheduling changes for hundreds of buildings remotely with a single click. And, while the system automatically manages air quality, you can drill down to individual zones to view real-time CO2 and VOC levels, in addition to other indoor environment factors to assure your building is delivering optimal occupant comfort and health.


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Increase efficiency with the ability to manage your entire system using our suite of web and mobile apps, 75F® Facilisight®.
Read the IAQM Application Overview



Read the IAQM Application Overview

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