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Centralize, track & improve the performance of your stores in one click.

Building Automation Built for Retail

We work with malls and retail facilities to design and install the industry's leading IoT based building management system, with built in AI and analytics and industry leading energy efficiency and performance. Retail customers like 75F’s intuitive dashboards and mobile apps, pre-programmed energy optimization, and remote access to allow staff to fine-tune system settings securely from wall-mounted interfaces or any desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

More Intelligent Cooling

75F’s Dynamic Airflow Balancing (DAB) and Variable Air Volume (VAV) system monitors the cooling requirements based on visitor occupancy and delivers ideal cooling temperature, helping malls and retail stores save up to 30% of energy while delivering remote access and control. 

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Rapid Wireless Installs

With 75F’s self-assembling wireless network, retrofit installations can be completed after hours and are minimally invasive, requiring only low voltage powerin place of large runs of communication wires in ceilings or floors 

Maximize Ventilation

Ventilation is particularly crucial throughout a retail facility to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, stores must be carefully regulated to ensure ideal temperatures, lighting, and more. The 75F system maximizes ventilation, automatically. 

Optimize Indoor Air Quality 

Our Indoor Air Quality solution adds a layer of intelligence and control to retail customers across Asia. The 75F building automation system uses built in sensors that bring millions of data points up to the cloud each day. Third-party weather forecasts and outside air readings then are used to send precise decisions back down to each piece of equipment in the building to automate and optimize the air in each zone and space. 

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Secure Remote Access Across the Portfolio 

With 75F® Facilisight, you can securely track and control the energy performance of multiple stores or multiple buildings. Compare store performance on energy consumption, indoor air quality, or comfort and take corrective action from your seat. All system data is encrypted for security and all devices operate in standalone mode when connection or power is lost, so comfort doesn’t have to be.


Interactive dashboard

Through a combination of sensors across your retail space and the 75F® Central Control Unit™, you can monitor energy consumption, comfort level as well as indoor air quality to provide an excellent shopping experience to visitors.

Central Control Unit

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