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IoT can be the key to Office and Property Management 

December 2019 | Silicon India

US-based Building Tech Startup, 75F Expands in SouthAsia, Including India

December 2019 | BusinessEx.com

US-based start-up expands in India, Southeast Asia. 

December 2019 | Business Standard

US-based tech start-up to expand in India, to open office in Delhi soon. 

December 2019 | The Hindu Business Line

India-USA based 75F signs SP Group as its commercial partner for Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia

December 2019 | Startup Success

HOM Furniture Location Sees Over $50,000 in Energy Savings

Using 75F Controls

December 2019 | PR Newswire

Efficient office lighting can increase work performance by 20%:
Gaurav Burman, VP and APAC President

November 2019 | T&D Magazine India 

Smart Buildings are the Future

November 2019 | EPC Magazine

How this Bengaluru-based startup uses IoT and Cloud Computing to make buildings energy efficient

October 2019 | StartUp Success Stories

Tech.MN Podcast with CEO Deepinder Singh

October 2019 | Tech.MN

This Bill Gates-backed startup wants to stop office temperature wars by making your AC smarter

September 2019 | Fast Company

Good Air Quality, Better Productivity

September 2019 I Cooling India

Cleantech firm 75F raises $18 million in Series A funding

September 2019 I Economic Times Rise

75F raises $18 mn in round led by Bill Gates, Bloomberg, Bezos-backed coalition

September 2019 I Livemint

75F Raises $18 Mn Series A Funding, To Strengthen R&D Team and Operations

September 2019 I dailyhunt

75F raises USD 18 mn in funding led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, OGCI

September 2019 I Business Standard

Smart energy IoT startup 75F raises $18M led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

September 2019 I YourStory Media

Building automation firm 75F raises Rs 130 crore
September 2019 I The Times of India

75F Raises $18 Mn Series A Funding, To Strengthen R&D Team and Operations

September 2019 I Inc42

Smart Cities Call For Smart Buildings

July 2019 I Silicon India

Energy Automation company 75F wants office goers to leave their jackets at home

July 2019 I INC 42



Can a sustainable workplace be profitable too?

July 2019 I e27

IoT Has Propelled Building Automation Industry To New Paradigms

July 2019 I ProfitfromIoT.com

Improving Occupant Comfort and Operational Efficiency at a state-of-the-art facility

June 2019 I VAR India

India is one of the key Building Automation and control system markets: Gaurav Burman, VP and APAC President, 75F India

June 2019 I  The Free Press Journal

Bengaluru offices get smarter thanks to Digitised function. 

May 2019 I  The New Indian Express

For a smarter future: How 75F is leveraging IoT to make buildings energy efficient in India. 

May 2019 I  Yourstory

Lighting Management at ease

May 2019 I Lighting India

10 Smart Building Technologies For Facilities Automation

April 2019 I Nanalyze

Many approaches to IoT in the wind

April 2019 I Franchise Times

75F: An introduction

April 2019 I Property House

Smart Cities call for Smart Buildings

April 2019 I Entrepreneur India

We aim to disrupt the Building Systems industry with our fresh approach to HVAC

April 2019 I Realty Plus 

Rockler Retail : Saving Energy Through Automation

March 2019 I Industrial Safety Review

Monitor and manage your facility from anywhere

March 2019 I Cooling India

IoT Firm 75F Launches Occupant App for Innovative Workplaces

March 2019 I ProfitfromIOT.com

Amazing Lash Case Study on Environmental Controls

March 2019 I Infrabuddy 

Explore the utility of Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings 

March 2019 I SME Street 

LTI Success Story: Over 55% Energy Savings With 75F 

February 2019 I CiOL

The most valuable asset in any building are the occupants

February 2019 I Construction Week 

How Individualized Control Improves Occupant Experience

February 2019 I Infrabuddy

The right temperature for a building

 January 2019 I The Hindu

Product Showcase: 75F Central Control Unit (CCU)

January 2019 I Industrial Safety Review 

75F's Intelligent Building Solutions Help Building Breathe

January 2019 I Tech Panda 


YourStory's 100 Emerging Voices of 2018

December 2018 I YourStory Media

Top 3 Upcoming Trends in the Indian Facility Management Industry

December 2018 I Entrepreneur India 

Startup 75F Shows How Energy Savings Can be Maximized using IoT

December 2018 I Express Computer 

Normalizing Energy Consumption for Different Climatic Conditions

December 2018 I Architecture Update 

Three Square Market - Bringing insight and automation from Office to Warehouse 

December 2018 I PC Quest 

New Approach to Energy Management and Optimum Productivity

December 2018 I Buildotech India 

75F Introduces Smart Stat™ Zone Controller: The World’s Smartest Thermostat for Commercial Buildings

November 2018 I Industrial Safety Review

Rockler Headquarters: Ending Thermostat Wars and Saving  Energy

November 2018 I Buildings and Interiors

Not just a Millennial thing, green work-spaces result in happier employees and a healthier environment

November 2018 I e27 Magazine

With a 3-digit Growth Rate In Two Years, This Startup Is Maximising Energy Efficiency with IoT and ML

November 2018 | Analytics India Magazine

Interview with Mr. Gaurav Burman

November 2018 | Realty Plus

Energy Management – Simple Steps for Smart Savings

November 2018 | RSES Journal

Cypress Academy: A system so easy to install a kid could do it. 

November 2018 | PC Quest

Are you ready for the expertise economy?

October 2018 | Mint (by Hindustan Times)

Blockchain will be the security layer to information 

October 2018 | Middle East Climate Control

Creating the ideal temperature at work
October 2018 | The Financial Express

The Business Case for Going Green
October 2018 | Infoholic Research

Which Buildings benefit most from Smart Building Automation Solutions?
October 2018 | PC Quest

How a Sustainable Office can help you save money
October 2018 | Infrabuddy

Chasing the Blockchain Revolution  
October 2018 | Middle East Climate Control

IoT-enabled 75F Smart Node, a quick install retrofit

October 2018 | Middle East Climate Control

Geography, automation, IoT, and cloud computing play a big part in green building design
September 2018 | Yahoo News

Geography, automation, IoT, and cloud computing play a big part in green building design
September 2018 | e27

Occupant Experience: Competitive Edge for Commercial Properties
September 2018 | Buildings

Smart Cities call for Smart Buildings
September 2018 | CIO Review India

Product Highlight: 75F Occupant App
September 2018 | Buildings and Interiors

Delivering Guest Comfort and Energy Savings at Longhorn Steakhouse

August 2018 | VAR India

"Having a brilliant idea is different from making that idea a business success" - 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys.
August 2018 | Yourstory

Why eco-innovation is a crucial ingredient for India's progress
August 2018 | Yourstory

Why eco-innovation is a crucial ingredient for India's progress
August 2018 | Inventiva

Case Study: YogaFit Studios - Saving Time with Google Calendar Integration
July 2018 | The DQ Week

IoT Revolutionizes Rooftop economizers - Part II 
July 2018 | Industrial Safety & Review

IoT Revolutionizes Rooftop economizers - Part 1 
July 2018 | Industrial Safety & Review

Is Your Building Working for You? 75F Makes Your Buildings Work Smarter 
July 2018 | Grow MN! Summer Update 2018

75F unveils Smart Node to control Lighting,HVAC. 
July 2018 | Sourcing Electricals & Lighting



Magnet 360 Case Study: Making the office look as inviting as it feels
June 2018 | Building and Interiors

5 Strategies for Getting Real Traction With Your IoT Startup
June 2018 | IoT for All

Introducing the concept of Smart Buildings powered by IoT
June 2018 | Insights Success

Deux Ex Machina - Smart HVAC Controls Can Improve Preventive Maintenance
May 2018 | RSES Journal

Innovators in Energy: 75F
May 2018 | MHTA

Why Infosys, Wipro, Dell and Oracle are eyeing a slice of the edge computing pie
May 2018 | YourStory

Employee Productivity and the Smart Building
May 2018 | ERP Insights

Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value

May 2018 | IoT India Magazine

The trend of IoT enabled Building Intelligence is here to stay
April 2018 | Industrial Safety & Review 

75F helps reduce energy costs and boost productivity with Smart Buildings

April 2018 | YourStory

Energy savings and comfort with IoT and Cloud computing in Buildings
April 2018 | Smart World (EFY)

Winning Stroke: Interview with Gaurav Burman, VP & Country President - 75F India
April 2018 | Business World 

Powering Energy Efficiency

April 2018 | India Now Business & Economy

Building Intelligence in a box
April 2018 | IPF Online

The Smart Building Technology & its Merits

April 2018 | IoT India Magazine

The Future of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Buildings

April 2018 | IoT India Magazine

How IOT can create a green building revolution

April 2018 | YourStory 

How to Survive a Day Filled With Back-to-back Meetings Without Going Crazy
April 2018 | Entrepreneur India

Making Buildings Energy Efficient
April 2018 | Infrastructure Today

Employee Productivity & The Smart Building
April 2018 | ACE Update

Air Balancing Solution Brings Comfort to Academy
March 2018 | RSES Journal 

Smart Buildings: Disrupting Businesses and the Way People Live
March 2018 | Bold Business

The Future of Startups Isn't in New York or California – and I'm Investing $150 million to Prove It (Steve Case)
February 2018 | Business Insider

IoT Can Be A Game Changer For Utilities Sector
February 2018 | CXO Today

Budget 2018 for startups: Yea, nay or somewhere in between?

February 2018 | Economic Times Online

How Budget 2018 will impact the Indian start-up ecosystem

February 2018 | Business Today

Budget 2018: Govt. is focusing on Agriculture, Rural infrastructure development, and Digital India
February 2018 | StartUps Journey

Post Budget Reactions from Startup Community
February 2018 | PC Quest

Budget 2018: Here’s what India Inc. had to say
February 2018 | People Matters

Start-Ups Not Given Needed Importance In Budget 2018
February 2018 | DQ India

Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. Gaurav Burman – VP & Country President, India, 75F

February 2018 | OnlineAndYou

A Deeper Dive into 75F's Technology

January 2018 | Zondits

75F Offers Improved Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Occupants

January 2018 | Zondits

You Mean That Steve Case!? 

January 2018 | Michael Beckerman Blog

75F: A Hot MN Startup, Sparked By Cold MN Winters

January 2018 | Clean Energy Economy MN

"Buildings in India, today are responsible for a third of India's total energy consumption but nearly 50% of it is wasted due to inefficient use," says. Mr. Gaurav Burman, VP & Country President, 75F India. 

January 2018 | Building and Interiors


10 Predictions for Real Estate, Energy and Facilities Information Management in 2017
December 2016 | Verdantix

Top 10 IoT trends in India to watch out for in 2017
December 2016 | IoT India Magazine

75F Makes Buildings Energy-efficient with IoT
December 2016 | Financial Express

Digital interaction with Pankaj Chawla, Co-founder, 75F
December 2016 | Indian CEO

Founded in US, start-up 75F targets 100-crore revenue in India
December 2016 | SME Post

Burnsville Firm 75F Wins Tekne Award
November 2016 | Sun Thisweek

How 75F is Going After the ‘Internet of Air’ and Making Office Spaces More Energy-Efficient
November 2016 | Your Story

The Internet of Comfort
November 2016 | RSES Journal

Use of IoT in Smart Commercial Buildings
November 2016 | Construction Times

Top Intelligent Building Trends of 2016
November 2016 | ACE Update

US-based startup 75F aims to make Indian buildings energy efficient using IoT
November 2016 | Express Computer

Harnessing the power of IoT and cloud to predict to save energy 
October 2016 | DQ India

Today's Startup... Tomorrow's Enterprise 
October 2016 | SME Channels

Smart Building Solution 
October 2016 | Construction World

You'll never feel too hot or too cold once this gets installed in your office
October 2016 | Business Insider

American Indian IoT Startup 75F targets 100 crore in India by 2018-19
October 2016 | Business World Disrupt

IoT for energy efficiency in commercial buildings
September 2016 | Realty Plus

Smart HVAC: New-Age building climate control technology
September 2016 | PC Quest

Use of IoT in smart commercial buildings
September 2016 | Construction Times

This Minneapolis-based Company Wants to Control Your Office Temperature Using IoT
August 2016 | Entrepreneur India


How to Prevent Your IOT Devices from Being Forced into Botnet Bondage

August 2016 | Tech Crunch

Using IoT to make buildings energy efficient
August 2016 | The Week

US-based 75F enters Indian market
August 2016 | Deccan Herald

75F enters India, launches IoT based smart building solution 
August 2016 | DQ India

75F commences India operations 
August 2016 | Hindu Business Line

75F brings Dynamic Airflow Balancing Technology to India 
August 2016 | Startup City

The Internet of Things Ecosystem: Unlocking the business value of connected devices
July 2016 | Entrepreneur India

2016 Eureka! Awards Winner: 75F
June 2016 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

The potential of Smart HVAC in India is enormous and virtually untapped
June 2016 | Industrial Safety Review

Why Will Energy Management Be Replaced Soon?
June 2016 | Tech Story

75F Rethinks Heating and Cooling With IoT-Based Solution

May 2016 | IOT Journal

Project Files
May 2016 | ACHR News

How the use of IoT can save energy
May 2016 | Inc 42

YogaFit Embraces "The Internet of Air"
April 2016 | The Line

Titans of Technology 2016 – Deepinder Singh
April 2016 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Interview with Deepinder Singh, CEO and Founder of 75F
March 2016 | Greater MSP

2016 Titans of Technology Honorees Announced
March 2016 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Cool Workplaces: Office Tour of 75F in Burnsville, MN
March 2016 | FOX9 News

Cool Offices: 75F's bigger, closer, sunny space has a lodge and a moose
January 2016 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal


M2M Startup 75F is the 2014 Minnesota Cup Grand Prize Winner
September 2014 | Tech Dot MN

Internet of HVAC Startup 75F Wins Minnesota Cup
September 2014 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Minnesota Cup Names Division Winners
August 2014 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Some Workers Too Cold, Others Too Hot? Startup Has a Fix
March 2014 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Startup 75F Offers 'Predictive' HVAC
March 2014 | Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

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