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Virtual Events

75F's Bob French will pair with Minnesota-based Minify Energy to pinpoint money-saving strategies you can leverage during your next commercial building improvements project. Whether your project will improve building system efficiency or enhance indoor air quality management, this webinar aims to help you achieve a shorter ROI.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion for Continuing Education Credits, so don't hesitate to sign up for this free session!

Financing Your Next Building Controls Solution

75F leads a discussion on the main contributors to inefficiency in both retrofits and new builds, how to zone constant-volume systems for better energy savings, and efficiency tracking.

While this webinar has already aired, you can watch the recording for free at any time.

Increasing Energy Efficiency in Retrofits & New Builds

Indoor Air Quality & Data Visualization


April 6th, 2021

75F's Bob French leads a technical discussion on indoor air quality and how building professionals can interact with and display data from their space in this webcast session. Viewers also hear from Rhys MacPherson, a senior associate at MSR Design and a 75F user who tailored their building management system to his office's specific indoor air quality needs.

While this webinar has already aired, you can watch the recording for free at any time.

Indoor Air Quality & Data Visualization

In this webcast session, 75F Chief Evangelist, Bob French, tackles viewers' most pressing questions about indoor air quality and energy efficiency as the commercial buildings industry undergoes a fundamental shift. 

Viewer questions range from demand-control ventilation and why experts recommend turning it off during a pandemic to increasing outdoor air ventilation across equipment types. While this webcast has already aired, feel free to watch the recording on your own time.

Live Q&A WIth Bob French

The Future of Workplace Occupancy


February 9th, 2021

As COVID-19 vaccines begin distribution, many in the buildings industry are wondering what workplace occupancy will look like. In this webcast with Aamidor Consulting, hosts explore the current state of workplace occupancy and its future.

Webcast hosts are 75F Chief Evangelist, Bob French; Joe Aamidor, Managing Director of Aamidor Consulting; and Mary Bartlett, Chief Operating Officer at The Reserve coworking space.

Weren't able to make the live event? Watch the free recording.

Webcast 19 updated with button

COVID-19 will shape the relationship between indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency for years to come, and webcast hosts explored how our buildings and their systems will adapt, and how IAQ will affect our productivity.

Webcast hosts are 75F Chief Evangelist, Bob French, and Dr. Nora Wang Esram, Senior Director for Research at ACEEE. Her impressive background in energy efficiency and research make her an engaging speaker on the future of IAQ and efficiency. Weren't able to join us? Watch the free recording.

How COVID-19 Shapes the Long-Term Outlook of IAQ, Productivity & Efficiency

In 75F's first webcast of 2021, our guest speakers shared their insights on the future of smart buildings in a post-COVID-19 world.

Attendees heard from former United Technologies executive, Kelly Romano; John Picard, the architect, builder and entrepreneur whose design has reached as far as the White House; and Douglas Mass, president of Cosentini Associates and internationally recognized in the design and construction industry.

A recording of this session is available here.

Rise of Intelligent Buildings

Utility Incentives for Healthier Buildings


December 15th, 2020

While the concept may be surprising, utilities are motivated to provide incentives for healthier buildings. Healthy spaces are top of mind for most right now, and the same technology that cultivates this can later be used to provide the deep energy savings that utilities seek.

Please join 75F for our webcast session on this topic, "Utility Incentives for Healthier Buildings," on Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. Central. Viewers will learn what motivates utilities to offer incentives for indoor air quality improvements, and how they can seek this out for their own projects.

A recording of this session is available here

Utility Incentives for Healthier Buildings

COVID-19 is changing the real estate landscape in ways no one was prepared to navigate at the start of this crisis.

The recipe for a successful strategy is rapidly evolving — our panel of experienced presenters from 75F and The Brookshire Company discussed the current state of real estate and explored strategies that will help you plan for the future that COVID-19 is shaping.

A recording of this session is available here.

Real Estate Strategies in Times of Uncertainty

Stress from one of the most divisive election cycles in living memory has everyone on edge. To lighten the load, 75F hosted a special-edition Q&A session with scotch and some furry friends.

Our host, Bob French, answered questions on topics ranging from UV lights and ionizers to HVAC controls.

Watch the recording here!

Live Q&A Session with Bob French

In this session, founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh, offers a glimpse into the engine driving the 75F system and explains how our new OS is more open, scalable, and connected.

Watch this recording to learn about BACnet integration; tuners and custom adjustments for facility managers and building engineers; real-time data feeds into machine learning models for compliance tools, employee engagement apps, reporting dashboards, and more​.

Watch the recording here!

Two Million Lines of Code: A Look into 75F's New Software and Services

In this webinar, 75F partnered with Cuningham Group Architecture and Revel Investments to talk about how the Internet of Things is taking building information management (BIM) to new dimensions.

Webcast hosts were 75F's Chief Evangelist, Bob French; Adam Wilbrecht, Principal and Chief Knowledge Officer at Cuningham Group Architecture; and Steve Pape, Managing Partner at Revel Investments.

A recording of this webcast is available here.

IoT and the Future of Sustainability, Maintenance, and Safety

In the culmination of 75F's Healthier Buildings series, 75F partners with James Dice, founder of Nexus Labs, to talk about the shortcomings of current-day building automation systems and the future of building intelligence. 

A recording of this webinar is available here.

Healthier Buildings: The Future of Building Intelligence

Student health and safety is the foremost concern of educators across the country as fall classes commence amid COVID-19. Whether your school is returning to in-person instruction full time or part time, this webcast aims to help you make your buildings safer for your students and teachers.

Hosts are 75F's founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh; Ron Mandelbaum, Board Chairman of Bais Yaakov High School; and Bruce Richards, Principal of St. Joseph Catholic STEM School. 

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Healthier Buildings: Reopening Guidance for Safer Schools

In this webinar, hosts explored indoor air quality (IAQ) in the context of the pandemic — they shared common sources of poor IAQ, as well as what enhanced outdoor air ventilation will mean for your building's health.

Hosts were 75F's Chief Evangelist, Bob French, and Armstrong Fluid Technology's Communications Manager, Steve Lane.

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Webcast 9 Banner v3

In this Healthier Buildings webcast, 75F and the International WELL Building Institute explored how to prepare buildings for reopening.

Webinar hosts explored WELL guidance on reopening after a prolonged shutdown, as well as the commercial building market's response to the pandemic. Hosts are 75F founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh; Senior VP of Commercial for IWBI, Jaclyn Whitaker; and Carlie Bullock-Jones, Principal and Founder of Ecoworks Studio.

A recording of this webcast is available here

Webcast 8 Banner

Healthier Buildings: Efficiency at Scale


August 11th, 2020

This session in our webinar series explored the latest on outdoor air ventilation recommendations, and how this can be deployed efficiently and at scale across a portfolio of buildings.

75F paired with Dalkia Energy Solutions for this webcast — hosts were 75F's Chief Evangelist, Bob French; and Dalkia Energy Solutions guests Daniel Smith and Erik Moser.

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Webcast 7 banner_2-1

This session in our webinar series covered new LEED reopening guidance from USGBC. Hosts were 75F's CEO, Deepinder Singh; VP of LEED Technical Development at USGBC, Corey Enck; and Chris Pyke, VP of Product for ArcSkoru, Inc.

If you were unable to join us, no worries! A recording is available here.

Webcast 6 banner v3

Healthier Buildings: Economizer Control and Ventilation in a Pandemic


July 14th, 2020

This webinar examined advanced economizer control and building pressure when utilizing enhanced ventilation — a strategy at the center of CDC and ASHRAE guidelines. 

Webinar hosts are 75F’s Chief Evangelist, Bob French; and Mya Holzemer, National Sales Engineer at Automation Components, Inc.  

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Healthier Buildings: Economizer Control and Ventilation in a Pandemic

The fourth webcast in our Healthier Buildings series considers how the Internet of Things can enable a quicker, healthier return to work. National Renewable Energy Laboratory building researchers will also share preliminary results on energy efficiency and comfort in indoor environments that follow CDC & ASHRAE HVAC control sequences.

Your hosts are 75F’s founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh; Bill Corrigan, Expert Associate Partner in Digital Transformation & IoT at McKinsey & Company; and building researchers Marcus Bianchi and Eric Bonnema from NREL.

A recording of the webcast is available here

Healthier Buildings: The Business Case for Building Intelligence Post-COVID-19

The third webcast in our Healthier Buildings series considers partial occupancy and maximizing airflow in high-traffic spaces during COVID-19.

Your webcast hosts are 75F’s Chief Evangelist, Bob French; CEO of Building Automation Monthly, Phil Zito; and Chris Jones, Product Manager of Actuator Solutions at Belimo.

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Healthier Buildings: Partial Occupancy and Enhanced Ventilation During a Pandemic

This installment of our Healthier Buildings webcast series considered the energy impact of CDC and ASHRAE guidelines, and helped the audience learn how to implement them in an energy-efficient manner.

Hosts were 75F’s CEO, Deepinder Singh, and Dr. Mark Modera, Director of UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering as they discuss the effects these guidelines may have on buildings.

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Healthier Buildings: Energy Efficiency Strategies for Implementing CDC & ASHRAE COVID-19 Guidance

Healthier Buildings: Guidelines for Commercial Ventilation and Employee Health


May 19th, 2020

The first installment in 75F's Healthier Buildings webinar series will focus on guidance from the CDC and ASHRAE on reducing viral transmission indoors as workplaces begin to reopen. 

This webcast was joined by John Pierce, Real Estate Manager of HOM Furniture, who will share how they are going on offense while following the CDC guidelines.

A recording of this webcast is available here.

Healthier Buildings: Guidelines for Commercial Ventilation and Employee Health

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Past Events

AHR Expo

Orlando, FL

February 3rd-5th, 2020

The AHR Expo is the world’s largest HVACR event, attracting the most comprehensive gathering of industry professionals from around the globe each year. The Show provides a unique forum where manufacturers of all sizes and specialties, whether a major industry brand or innovative start-up, can come together to share ideas and showcase the future of HVACR technology under one roof.


Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

Atlanta, GA

November 20th-22nd, 2019

Greenbuild is the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The ideals and passion of the green building community come alive at Greenbuild. The buzz is contagious. Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and a unique energy is sparked. Click here for more info.


iNFHRA Raising Workplace Performance Conference

Mumbai, India

September 20th, 2019

iNFHRA is an Indian industry body & member based organization representing Infrastructure, Facility Management, Human Resource & Realty industry. The Raising Workplace Conference happens in six cities across India and is a gathering of industry leaders and companies to discuss the latest developments in the above mentioned industries. 75F APAC has partnered with iNFHRA  and 75F's VP and APAC President Gaurav Burman presented on the topic 'Improved Operational Excellence and Enhanced Occupant Comfort ; The Winning Formula'.

2019 CxEnergy Expo

Orlando, FL

April 15-18, 2019

CxEnergy Expo is the premiere conference and exposition for building commissioning and energy management. This year featured an expanded exhibit hall with the latest technologies, more technical sessions by industry experts, certification seminars and exams for CxA and EMP, relationship-building opportunities, sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, and more!

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 2.48.07 PM

Featured more than 125 educational sessions, entry to the industry's largest FM Expo, facility tours, and networking events.

NFMT 2019

Facility Management India Expo (FMI 2019)

Bangalore, India

January 17th and18th, 2019

Facility Management India Expo aspires to be a cornerstone in the facility management industry in India. The expo was a robust platform for 75F to showcase its innovative products alongside many other reputed companies. 75F's VP & APAC Head, Gaurav Burman, talked about 75F's solution and how to make buildings smart and energy efficient using our intuitive technology. 

FMI 2019

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