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Intelligence for your HVAC System

75F designed an end-to-end solution for your chilled water system to maintain comfort while using less chilled water and saving more energy. 75F sensors in each zone directly communicate with the 75F® Central Control Unit™ – giving you the ability to monitor the inlet and outlet temperatures, chilled water flow rates and BTU energy consumption across the line. Our system understands, analyzes and optimizes the overall performance of the HVAC system under various conditions, thereby driving significant energy savings at an AHU level and at the chiller plant. 

Predictive automated cloud
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A truly integrated HVAC solution

The 75F automation solution provides comprehensive integration between the high-side and the low-side, ensuring greater comfort and more efficient operation. You'll have access to numerous inputs like your facility's heat loads, zone-specific temperatures, airflow temperatures, humidity, Indoor Air Quality, forecasted weather data, occupancy schedules, chilled water inlet/outlet temperature, flow rates, etc. On a minute-to-minute basis, our system creates an optimal chilled water strategy ensuring better comfort while using less chilled water and saving more energy. 

Beyond temperature control

Our solution is more than a smart thermostat. It is a comfort system that monitors and controls not only the temperature in your building, but also accounts for heat loads, the set point of air temperature, airflow, humidity and indoor air quality. At the same time, it is an energy efficiency system which saves up to 50% on your energy bills. 
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Sense, analyze and control your building with 75F
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Intelligent Energy Management 

75F's intuitive system does more than simply show you your energy use. It proactively manages it and gives you the ability to do the same. With real-time energy metrics, you can now monitor and manage energy consumption across your building or multiple buildings. What's more, you can do it right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Quick payback 

Up to 50% savings on energy is just the beginning! With Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing you save on installation cost, benefit from increased employee productivity and reap significant savings through automation, reduced equipment wear and tear and better use of your resources. Before you know it, our system will have paid for itself!



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