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Control, Monitor & Analyze Out-of-the-Box

Take control of your commercial building indoor environments, proactively eliminating hot and cold spots before they occur, improving air quality and saving energy, regardless of which heating or cooling systems you have. Gain multi-site, zone-specific and equipment-specific monitoring and control.

How It Works



An IoT-Powered Building Management Solution (BMS) and a world-class team 

75F offers a vertically-integrated smart building solution that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software delivering predictive, proactive building automation right out-of-the-box.

Building Intelligence in a Box

200SaveEnergy Save Energy

Ready to save? Our predictive, intelligent system can reduce energy costs by up to 50%. View and manage your energy usage in real-time through our web and mobile apps.

Improved Air Quality

Our system knows when to take advantage of outside air to provide free cooling and improve the health and well-being of your staff and guests. Take a deep breath and say, ahh.

200ReduceCostsQuick Payback

Always on and always optimizing, we let you focus on what really matters: your business. What's more, onboard diagnostics let you predict maintenance to your HVAC system before it requires service.

IncreaseComfortIncrease Comfort

Your smartphone knows when it's going to rain – shouldn't your HVAC system? We track things like weather and room occupancy to regulate your space and ensure comfort all year round.


Our smart HVAC solution begins learning the behavior of your building from the moment it is installed. Maximize energy savings without sacrificing comfort.


Non-Disruptive Install

Closing your business to install equipment costs time and money. Our wireless devices can be quickly retrofitted to existing equipment for an easy and low-cost installation.

Forward thinking companies around the world choose 75F

Landmark Group
L&T Infotech
Hewlett Packard
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Times of India
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Singapore Institute of Technology

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Keep your employees comfortable and productive by maintaining the desired temperature in each individual room.

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Tech Parks

Increase energy savings, and improve tenant, health and productivity across multiple offices in your building or campus.

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Reduce energy costs, manage multiple sites and predict equipment failures without sacrificing the comfort of guests.

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Increase your guest satisfaction, employee productivity, air quality and energy efficiency in your hotels & restaurants.

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White paper


The Future of Facility Management!

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of automation and digital technologies to further facilitate remote working. These technologies enhance employee productivity improve bottom line, and accelerate speed to market. As workplaces embrace these technologies to build productivity, employers will also need to focus on ensuring workplace safety.

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It sounds like audacious claims, but our results are every bit as incredible as promised:


"I found that 75F's technology was much superior compared to any other company that I have met. They understand technology very well and are a very agile team."

- Sr. Vice President, Administration & Security

Firstsource Solutions Limited

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