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Designed to work with any building

75F is a flexible, adaptable, and affordable building automation system that enables you to control your buildings’ HVAC, lighting, and indoor air quality right out of the box. Whether you oversee one building or hundreds, you can manage your occupant experience from a single pane of glass, monitor equipment health, and save up to 50% on your facility’s HVAC and lighting costs.

App Based Occupant Control

Treat your occupants to the indoor experience they desire with the 75F Occupant App. With a controlled range of temperatures established, your tenants have the power to control temperatures inside of their assigned zones. In addition, tenants can provide real time feedback to alert you on issues or to simply tell you how awesome their system is working!

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75F Occupant App Gives Users Control of Zone Temperature and Lighting

Compare energy data across sites

Get a portfolio-wide, color-coded heatmap across your buildings’ zones with Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps. Drill down by individual floor, zone, and equipment levels, check current statuses, monitor realtime data, or schedule changes to any building or zone. Plus, it’s easy to compare energy data across sites with the 75F® Portfolio Energy Manager™. Benchmark energy consumption, identify spikes in energy usage, and gain submetering insights to reduce your energy consumption.

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Beyond an EMS

The 75F building intelligence system goes beyond what a traditional Energy Management System (EMS) can do by proactively measuring HVAC, lighting, and more. Our smart thermostats sense temperature, humidity, light levels, occupancy, CO2, VOCs, and sound (decibel levels) to deliver the optimal indoor environment. Smart dampers create precisely controlled zones – which makes the 75F system perfect for offices, co-working spaces, and beyond. 

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The 75F Smart Stat can sense temperature, humidity, light levels and more
Retrofit nearly any building with the 75F Solution

Retrofit nearly any building

We're installed across all types of buildings – new and old, small and large, from offices to hotels. Adding smart controls to buildings often provides for paybacks of less than five years, and even fewer in many cases. 

Ou wireless IoT-based building controls system can also be quickly installed with little disruption to current tenants – and completing an energy efficiency retrofit across an entire building at once will provide for greater economies of scale and better data to conduct a pilot and experience the full functionality of a building automation system.

75F for Building Owners


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75F for Building Owners



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