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Occupant App 

Create the ultimate tailored occupant experience with a zone control app that allows for precise comfort

75F Occupant App Temperature Control


Occupant temperature control

Your building occupants can check the current temperature and adjust to their desired temperature, within your designated setpoint range. 


Occupant lighting control

Occupants can turn lights on and off, or adjust dimming settings from 0-100%, all from their mobile phone. No need to find the switch…or even be in the area. 

75F Occupant App Lighting Control
75F Occupant App Geofencing on Phone


With geofencing capabilities enabled, the 75F system can sense occupants approaching a defined area, anticipate their arrival and pre-condition their space to meet individual preferences. Geofencing may also be used to measure and manage occupancy within facilities. 


Occupant Feedback

Users are able to rate and provide text message feedback about comfort levels in their environment, complete with photo uploads, allowing quick and easy remote insights for building owners and facility managers be responsive in the event of equipment issues or other workspace environment issues.

75F Occupant App Feedback


Vacation schedule

Occupants can set vacation dates for their zone to allow the HVAC system to drift to building ranges and avoid turning on lights, saving energy for unoccupied office zones. 

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