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Monitor and manage everything from one building management system

75F® Facilisight® is a building intelligence system (BIS), with web & mobile apps, that uses machine learning of real-time sensor and weather data to predictively and proactively manage your indoor environment for optimal occupant experience and operational efficiencies. So, it's already making your building work for you. It also helps building owners and operators manage smarter, with remote monitoring and control of your smart HVAC, lighting and energy management systems across all your sites.

 The Facilisight® Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) allows for remote temperature control of your smart HVAC system



View your entire portfolio

Get a portfolio-wide, color-coded snapshot and dashboard across your buildings, with the ability to drill down to individual building, floor, zone and equipment levels in a few easy clicks to check status and monitor real time data, with 650 data points synched to the cloud every minute. Access quick summaries of each of your buildings on one screen, in real time.

75F Portfolio Energy Manager - Energy Intensity Update

Compare energy data across sites

Gain multi-site visibility on lighting and HVAC energy consumption with the 75F® Portfolio Energy Manager™, part of Facilisight®. Compare your sites, benchmark energy consumption, identify peak energy use spikes, and gain energy sub-metering insights to reduce your utility bills. Unlike traditional Energy Management Systems (EMS), 75F can predictively and proactively reduce HVAC and lighting energy by 30-50%, while delivering optimal indoor environment comfort and air quality through smart sensing, controls and remote management.

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Schedule with a single click

The global policy editor functionality allows you to set system, HVAC and lighting zone parameters, create named groups and push complex schedules to hundreds of locations with a single click in the building intelligence system (BIS). 

The policy editor allows you to push schedules to multiple sites at once




A tailored occupant experience

Empower employees and other tenants to optimize their space with zone-specific controls for temperature and lighting, with the 75F® Occupant App™ for iPhone and Android. They can rate their occupant experience and provide feedback. Help employees get into their ideal comfort and performance zone.


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Gain Insights Across Buildings, Floors, Zones & Equipment

Live heat maps provide instant info - 650 data points per minute - on  your buildings' HVAC, lighting, energy, equipment performance and internal environment, with IoT-sensors reading occupancy, airflow and zone temperatures, humidity, light, sound, VOCs, CO2, and other indoor air quality factorsPerformance evaluation (and alerting) provides insight into equipment performance, which can help predict failures and verify service actions. Hover over or click on any zone to see detailed analysis specific to that space.

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See the Facilisight® Building Management System Spec Sheet


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