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A simple-to-use Energy Management System

Gain multi-site visibility and insights on lighting and HVAC gas and electric energy consumption, intensity and costs with the 75F® Portfolio Energy Manager™, part of the 75F® Facilisight® cloud-based software suite. Unlike traditional Energy Management Systems (EMS), 75F building intelligence solutions can reduce HVAC and lighting costs by 30-50%, while delivering optimal indoor environment comfort and air quality through smart sensing, controls and remote management.

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75F Facilisight Portfolio Energy Manager 3D Chart - Consumption - Green Summit.png

Gain energy data visibility & insights across sites

Get a 3D visualization of your electric and gas energy data by consumption (kWh), intensity (kWh/sf) and cost per square foot, with the option to normalize for weather. Compare across sites visually to identify patterns and anomalies in your buildings' energy use and costs. Rank sites by kWh usage and cost/sf. A benchmarking dashboard helps compare to other sites. Identify maximum and minimum energy usage and times; use this energy data to identify peak demand spikes and support peak load shaving strategies.

75F Portfolio Energy Manager - Consumption - Building Performance Efficiency Index - Site Comparison.png

Energy Consumption (kWh)

Compare energy use in kilowatt hours (kWh) for selected date ranges, energy used through the course of the day, and compare across sites with movable 3D graph analysis.

75F PEM Screen Grab - Energy Intensity Update.png

Energy Intensity (kWh/sf)

See building HVAC energy consumption in kWh per square foot to see where the greatest cost/sf energy loads are occurring across your portfolio and through the day.

75F PEM Energy Cost Index.png

Energy Cost per SF ($/sf)

Understand the cost/sf impact of your energy across sites, to identify which building locations are contributing the most to your utility bill. 

Energy Metering - RTU Consumption


A new approach to energy submetering for equipment


With 75F, you have choices in the approach for equipment-level energy monitoring and analysis to assess the relative draw of electricity by equipment at your locations. 

You can choose to implement revenue-grade submetering, line-level current transformer (CT) submetering (as seen in for RTU Energy Consumption in the chart above), or a cost-effective option of derived energy submetering. Derived energy is a cost-effective means of gaining insight on HVAC and other equipment relative consumption without the expense of revenue-grade or current transformer (CT) line-level energy meters.


Remote management & control

Increase efficiency with the ability to manage your entire system with 75F® Facilisight® ,our suite of web and mobile apps. Not only can you make scheduling changes remotely, you can manage the scheduling for hundreds of buildings with a single click using our Global Policy Editor. Remote monitoring dashboards and alerts give you at-a-glance status and pushed notifications for key thresholds or events. And, you can drill down to the building, floor, zone or equipment level to analyze real-time status.


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