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Designed for the dynamics of building systems today and tomorrow

The 75F® Smart Node™ equipment controller puts the "Thing" in Internet of Things and delivers a new take on the field equipment controller and, oh, so much more! Start with the inclusion of an OLED screen and menu controls for easy installation, pairing, I/O readouts, setup commissioning and testing. Powered by 24v AC power with pass-through ports to daisy chain dozens of Smart Nodes™. Includes 11 interface ports for a wide variety of I/O uses. Secure proprietary 900Mhz communications to the 75F® Central Control Unit™, plus Bluetooth for pairing and other near-field uses such as wireless sensor communications or beacon physical recognition.

The Smart Node™ controls a wide range of single- and dual-stage equipment, plus modulation controls, across all 75F application solutions. Used to monitor and control: 

  • Economizer Damper Actuators
  • VAV with Reheat Systems
  • Smart Dampers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Pumps
  • Hot Water Mixing Valves
  • Lighting Panels
  • Energy Meter/ Current Transformers (CT)
  • ....and more.
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OLED display makes life easy

The Smart Node™ includes an OLED display and input buttons that makes setup and maintenance of control easier than ever before. Display elements change based on the profile of the equipment under control and the task at hand. For example, when controlling an airflow damper, the percent open, room temperature, and airflow temperatures would be displayed in normal operation. The technician can use the touch pad buttons to see live performance data, setup initial configurations such as zone pairing, and diagnose equipment problems.

Outside air optimization & indoor air quality

Unlike other solutions in the market, we use live data feeds to measure outside enthalpy and sensors in your building to calculate indoor enthalpy. With an understanding of both, we are able to provide superior free cooling when the conditions are right.

Additionally, we take it a step further by adjusting for indoor air quality, a key driver for health and productivity. That is why we monitor CO2 levels and bring in fresh air from outside to ensure optimal conditions.

Learn More About Outside Air Optimization
Outside Air Optimization and indoor air quality
Smart Node


A great communicator with I/O to support unlimited applications

The Smart Node™ includes 11 interface ports to support a wide range of I/O uses that support unlimited applications. I/O ports included:

  • (2) digital output relays; low power 1A 
  • (2) 0-10v or 4-20ma analog outputs
  • (2) analog damper outputs
  • (2) thermistor (temperature) inputs 
  • (2) 0-10v analog inputs 
  • (1) IR port

Each port includes a light-pipe-illuminated label that is application specific so installers can instantly see which lighted ports pertain to the application at hand.

Smart Node

Fast and convenient setup  

The Smart Node™ temporary override function makes installation easy by confirming controls are performing as expected. Using the onboard OLED display and menu, the installer can read zone temperature, humidity, thermistors and various analog and digital inputs and outputs.  Software defined configuration means the Smart Node is smart enough to run the sequence you assign.


Software-defined configuration

 Using dynamic application assignment, the Smart Node™ accommodates different equipment and processes. No need for a specific controller model/SKU for each application. No programming required. And, you get remotely-delivered updates and improvements.

Manage your entire system with 75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps. Not only can you make scheduling changes remotely, you can manage the scheduling of hundreds of buildings with a single click.


Learn More About Facilisight

Facilisight - Phone and Laptop
75F® Intelligent Temperature Mote™ (ITM)

Plays well with the 75F® Intelligent Temperature Mote™ (ITM)

The Intelligent Temperature Mote™ works seamlessly with the Smart Node and can be used independently as a wall-mounted room sensor, which also provides a user interface for controls and feedback. It natively measures and reports temperature, humidity and light.

It can be extended to control HVAC equipment by connecting it to different interface back end controls, including the 75F® Advanced Lighting™ panel interface (LPI) and the Smart Stat™. The ITM uses bluetooth for provisioning and communicates with the 75F® Central Control Unit™ over a 900 Mhz wireless mesh network.

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