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Gain visibility and automation for

hot & cold water systems

75F offers a flexible and easily installed sensing and controls system to help balance and optimize efficient operations for new build or retrofits to existing hydronic systems in commercial buildings. A quickly installed and easily configured set of sensors and controllers, plus mobile and Web access, give you data and operational control across multiple brands and system topologies.

  • Hot Water Boiler Monitoring
  • Hot Water Mixing Valves 
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Hydronic Pumps
  • Lead Lag Pump Controls
  • VAV with Reheat
  • Fan Coil Units
  • In-floor Radiant Systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers

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Gain visibility and automation for hot & cold water systems

Boiler monitoring

Gain insights on the performance of your boilers and energy retention or loss through the loop. Easily-installed inlet and outlet temperature sensors, plus mobile and web accessible 75F® Facilisight® software delivers multi-site, multi-system remote monitoring from a singe plan of glass. The system senses loop temperature and automatically adjusts the mixing valve to reach set point mixed water. Automated alerts available for your set thresholds. 

Boiler Monitoring

Heat pumps

Get remote control and diagnostics of many heat pumps to easily identify faulty equipment and optimize performance through predictive analytics and wireless mesh networking. Combine this with our hydronics package to get a holistic understanding of your plant and how it affects heat pump performance.

Hot Water Mixing

Mixing valve controls

75F offers remote and automatically controlled mixing of hot supply water and cooler return water, including modulated incremental micro-adjustments to allow fine-tuning of your hot water mixing. The solution can pre-emptively sense and plan to meet demand.

300 Cooling Tower


Cooling tower controls

Monitor demand, supply air temperatures and outside temperatures to determine stage 1 and stage 2 cooling compressor activation, as well as spray pump and tower fan activation while factoring rules established for the system. Seasonal scheduling and weather-data-feed help determine cooling tower flow valve dump and fill sump controls.


Remote management & control

Increase efficiency with the ability to manage your entire system from our suite of web and mobile apps, 75F® Facilisight®. Not only can you make scheduling changes remotely, you can manage the scheduling of hundreds of buildings with a single click using 75F Global Policy Editor functions.  

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