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A smarter VAV controller approach

Typical VAV with Reheat systems have inherent inefficiencies when first cooling and then heating the same air at terminal VAV boxes. Recognizing this opportunity, utility companies often incentivize improvements in VAV with reheat systems. 75F offers a smart, cost-effective solution for controlling these systems, improving efficiency and performance in new or existing buildings.

75F implements the ASHRAE "RP-1455 Advanced Control Sequences for HVAC Systems" out of the box and couples it with proactive continuous commissioning. 

Save energy and increase comfort with our Smart VAV with Reheat solution
The 75F Smart VAV with Reheat controller solution increases system and box energy efficiency, plus introduces remote control, monitoring and sensing capabilities for HVAC performance.

A new level of VAV box control and efficiency

The 75F® Smart VAV with Reheat™ solution increases energy efficiency, plus introduces remote control, monitoring and sensing capabilities to VAV (Variable Air Volume) with reheat systems. This innovative approach enables system automation, sensing outside, supply and pre- and post-heating element temperatures and then treating air appropriately at the RTU or re-heating elements only when required, eliminating the waste and energy associated with the traditional 55-degree target temperature treatment in VAV systems. 75F adds sensors to measure and record upstream and downstream airflow temperatures, while our smart controls modulate the damper position and reheat controls (available for both electric and water heating coils). This allows for fine-tuning adjustments and remote monitoring of controls performance, as well as preventative diagnostics and insights on your reheat unit performance. 















75F Smart VAV with Reheat




Much like the 75F® Outside Air Optimization™ solution saves energy by making use of existing outside air, Smart VAV with Reheat™ can utilize a recirculation fan to minimize wasted reheat energy by utilizing the preconditioned plenum air. While traditional VAV systems require extensive programming, Smart VAV with Reheat™ is pre-configured out of the box, so installation is fast and easy with simple connections and pairing of wireless devices.


75F Continuous Commissioning™

75F Continuous Commissioning™ means our automated system is always learning and improving to optimize your environment and your energy use. Control and temperature data from each sensor is collected on a real-time basis and wirelessly transmitted to the 75F® Central Control Unit™ – our central control hub. From there, data is uploaded to the cloud, where our intelligent algorithms work to create a thermal model of your building and maintain a comfortable environment – all while saving energy. If that’s not smart enough, you can remotely control and monitor the entire system via 75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps.


Introducing the 75F® Smart Node™

The Smart Node™ is a revolutionary room equipment controller. This flexible device is multi-purpose and controls many functions – including dampers for airflow, reheat coils and the recirculating fan in the VAV with reheat systems. It operates off 24v and is designed with multiple inputs and outputs, plus wireless communications, for a range of sensing measurements and controls capabilities.

The Smart Node also forms the basis of design for the 75F® Outside Air Optimization™ solution.

Introducing the 75F® Smart Node™
Facilisight allows facility managers to make changes to multiple buildings at once


Facility managers rejoice

Whether you oversee one or many locations, onsite or remote, our Smart VAV with Reheat solution makes managing your buildings a breeze with the 75F Facilisight® suite of web and mobile apps. Gain insight into your building’s HVAC system. View and adjust air temperatures, check system performance and create custom schedules via the portal or mobile app. Our Global Policy Editor allows you to push updates to multiple locations with one click, making your workflow far more efficient.


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The solution in action

Todd Westby, CEO and President of TurnKey Corrections and Three Square Market, was looking for a high tech system with cloud computing for their HVAC system. Todd was referred to 75F and was head-over-heels for the features that 75F offered. We installed Smart VAV with Reheat™ in their 50,000 square foot office. Watch the video to learn out more.




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