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Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring 

Automatic temperature readings every 60 seconds to improve energy efficiency


We've got you covered

If your commercial refrigeration system fails, the clock starts ticking. We know a few minutes can make all the difference between protecting and losing your inventory. That's why we've designed the 75F® Refrigeration Monitoring™ system to automatically monitor your refrigeration system, and alert you the moment there's a problem. Monitor everything from walk-in coolers, to freezers, to refrigerators. Got wheels? No problem. Our system is wireless and designed to move with your appliances.

75F Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring
75F Refrigeration Monitoring Solution

Your safety inspector will thank you

Complying with food safety regulations has never been easier. No more manual checking, no more notebooks, and no more mistakes. Cut down on manpower, human error, and data entry error. We take temperature readings every 60 seconds, so you don't have to. Data is wirelessly and automatically transmitted to the cloud, where you can view your entire data profile in a graph to see how your systems are operating.



Customize everything

Your refrigeration setup is unique – your Refrigeration Monitoring™ system should be, too. Customize the temperature set point for individual appliances. Adjust the time threshold for sending out alerts if there's a temperature breach. Specify who is alerted, and across which devices.

It's your system, working exactly how you want it.


Refrigeration Monitoring


Seamless installation

Enjoy a quick, seamless installation and no downtime. Invisible mounting brackets mean Refrigeration Monitoring™ is non-obtrusive and works with any setup.

The best part? Our system is ready to use right out of the box, with no programming required.



See it all in one place

View data across your entire building portfolio from one simple dashboard with Facilisight®, our suite of web and mobile apps. Make remote adjustments to hundreds of buildings with a single click. Refrigeration Monitoring™ works in conjunction with our entire suite of solutions – so whether you're using smart heating, lighting or even hydronic controls, you can view all your data from one place.


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