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75F harnesses the power of the cloud to create systems that predict, monitor, and manage the needs of your building. Whether you are looking to optimize comfort, increase energy efficiency or gain insight into how your building uses energy, we can eliminate inefficiencies and increase your bottom line.

No matter what solution or combination of solutions you install, our system will have two constants: The Central Control Unit and its connection to the cloud.


The Cloud

We built our proprietary algorithms to take vast quantities of data from your spaces, predict the behavior of your building and send the appropriate instructions, enabling your equipment to run as efficiently as possible. In addition, our system incorporates data such as weather feeds and geographical orientation prior to sending out the optimal control strategy. 


Centrol Control Unit (CCU)

Powered by our predictive algorithms that combine sensor data, weather forecasts and more, the CCU is the on-the-ground hub of information and management for all aspects of your building. It incorporates all 75F systems used in your building and displays the tools and information in an easy-to-use interface.


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Dynamic Airflow Balancing

Traditional zone control systems are reactive, responding to errors after they occur. The 75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing solution is predictive and proactive. Smart algorithms model the thermal envelope of the building and make predictions based on the weather. 

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Outside Air Optimization

75F has reinvented the rooftop package unit (RTU) economizer to make it more energy efficient and comfortable for occupants. Equipped with cloud computing data storage and processing power, this OAO is so efficient that payback is typically under 2 years. 

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Advanced Lighting

The 75F Advanced Lighting solution allows for multi-zone control for fixtures and signage to any facility. Circuits are schedulable for control using the same Facilisight portal as the 75F HVAC solutions. Managing your lighting has never been easier.

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Award-Winning Technology

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