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75F® Smart Stat Zone Sensing and Controls

The 75F Smart Stat provides an integrated in-room, wall-mounted user interface, with 7 onboard sensors and thermostat zone controls for dual-stage HVAC equipment. SmartStat can control a range of equipment to support comfortable, healthy and efficient buildings. Perfect for office spaces, conference rooms, hotel rooms, patient rooms and other environments where individual zone sensing, display and controls are desired. Web and mobile remote monitoring, plus predictive proactive HVAC controls, as part of the 75F vertically integrated building intelligence suite.


75F Smart Stat

7-Sensor Wireless Thermostat Controller with Occupant Interface

The Smart Stat offers a radial touch-illuminated interface that allows local user control for temperature and functions like fan speed. The 75F® Occupant App™ extends that tenant zone control from the wall-mounted thermostat to their mobile device too. The Smart Stat mounting plate covers the footprint of replaced thermostats for easy retrofits without cosmetic wall work. 

Available onboard sensors include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity 
  • Light
  • Occupancy
  • CO2
  • VOC
  • Sound

An 8th external 10k probe sensor provides supply air temperature readings to verify system performance.

75F Smart Stat w Daikin Heat Pump + CCU

Controls & Communications Capabilities

With six relays, the 75F Smart Stat offers flexibility in controls for simple, 2-stage equipment such as water-based heat pumps, unit heaters, PTAC units, simple RTUs and other air handlers.

Inputs/Outputs (I/O) and Communications

  • 6 Relays 
  • 2 10K Thermistor Inputs 
  • 2 0-10vdc analog Inputs 
  • 24vac power 

Equipment Control

  • Heat Pumps

  • PTACs

  • Simple RTUs (without economizers)

  • Fan Coil Units 2 or 4 pipe (low power fan relays)

Indoor Environment Sensing and Controls for WELL and Healthy Buildings

People are the most valuable asset in any building. And, buildings should be working smarter and harder to create the optimal occupant experience, including a comfy, healthy workspace where the indoor environment that doesn't detract from workflows. Increasingly, the environmental factors of air quality, temperature and light are recognized as leading factors for tenant comfort, productivity, health and wellness. The SmartStat provides sensing to support 75F® Indoor Air Quality™ (IAQ) solutions to assure CO2, VOCs and other gas levels are measured, monitored and managed. SmartStat is ready for all the criteria in the new Well Building 2.0 standard scheduled to release 2018. 

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Increased indoor air quality leads to an increase in productivity
Improved indoor air quality leads to healthier employees and reduced absenteeism
75F Intelligent Temperature Mote (ITM)

 75F® Intelligent Temperature Mote™ (ITM)

The ITM is a component of the SmartStat that can be used independently as a wall-mounted room sensor that also provides a user interface for controls and feedback. It natively measures and reports temperature, humidity and light.

It can be extended to control HVAC equipment by connecting it to different interface back end controls including 75F Advanced Lighting panel interface (LPI) and the 75F SmartStat. Uses bluetooth for provisioning and 900 Mhz wireless mesh network communication with CCU. Ready to support BACnet. 

The SmartStat is a combination of an Intelligent Temperature Mote (ITM) and SmartStat daughter board that adds physical control capabilities to the ITM. The SmartStat daughter board is a slave device that connects to the ITM over 4 wire rs-485 interface.


Remote Management & Control

Increase efficiency with the ability to manage your entire system from our suite of web and mobile apps, Facilisight®. Not only can you make scheduling changes remotely, you can manage the scheduling of hundreds of buildings with a single click.


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Facilisight - Phone and Laptop


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