The EMS is Dead White Paper

The Energy Management System is Dead

We are excited to launch Deep Thoughts, a thought leadership series addressing the evolution of technology and how we can embrace it to increase our knowledge, better our efficiencies and even improve our environment. For our first topic in the series, we were inspired by the question our team hears most frequently, “Are you an Energy Management System?” The easy answer is no, our capabilities and energy savings go far beyond an Energy Management System, but this simple question poses an excellent starting point for this series.


9 Considerations When Employing IOT White Paper

9 Considerations When Employing IOT

Our motto in every endeavor is to simplify operational complexity and make products intuitive. Today this remains at the heart of our values and in the spirit of Internet of Things (IoT) month, we've chosen to address these topics holistically. The creation of intuitive products and the deployment of IoT have the opportunity to work flawlessly in unison, if executed and engineered properly. Employing IoT does not require a product to be complex on a consumer level. In fact, if executed mindfully it can open windows to a wealth of knowledge and efficiency without overwhelming the user. Our goal here is to shed light on some important factors when considering IoT.



The Internet of Comfort White Paper

The Internet of Comfort

As we welcome the summer season, there is a lot to look forward to. Unfortunately, for facility managers, this is also what is known as thermostat war season. As outdoor temperatures rise, the fundamental HVAC problems that ail most commercial buildings are exposed. Facility managers are busier than ever answering complaints from building occupants that are dissatisfied with their thermal environment. You don’t have to go far to see what is happening. Front and center on the Life section of the Wall Street Journal is featured article “Let the Office Thermostat Wars Begin” detailing the familiar divisive issue that all offices face – what to set the office thermostat to. The article sites a 2009 survey of 452 facility managers by the International Facility Management Association in Houston, where more than 3 in 5 participants use personal fans, heaters, blankets or gloves to keep comfortable indoors.


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IOT Revolutionizes Rooftop Economizers

An economizer is a device designed to make a package rooftop unit (RTU) more energy efficient. The economizer controls the outside air damper of a rooftop unit (RTU) and brings in fresh outside air which can provide free cooling when conditions are right. It also helps meet indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. While few RTU economizers today are utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), its inception enables intelligent companies to make smarter, more efficient decisions that increase savings and decrease our impact on the planet.


Overcoming Botnets, Zombies and IOT Security Breaches White Paper

Overcoming Botnets, Zombies and IOT Security Breaches

In an era of growing botnets, zombies and security breaches, IoT systems in particular, need to keep safety a top priority at all times. A bot (short for robot), is a script or software application that performs tasks on command. Evil bots complete malicious tasks and install intrusive software including computer viruses, trojan horses, spyware, adware and other malevolent programs. This invasive software allows attackers to take remote control over any infected computer that’s connected to the internet. Known also as web robots, bots are usually part of a network of infected machines, known as a botnet. Botnets are often created from victim machines that stretch across the globe, unbeknownst to the owners and can be used to spread spam and perpetuate scams. The infected machines are also referred to as zombies. Be sure to check out our related blog post - Top 10 FAQ's About Our Security.

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