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User-Friendly Building Automation Controls for Facility Managers

As a facility manager, your job is to keep your buildings operating smoothly. In reality, that can feel like a game of whack-a-mole (while a fire alarm is going off, and the basement is flooding). There's only so much you can get done in a day – and when it comes to making upgrades, the last thing you want is another piece of equipment to keep an eye on.

That's why we designed the 75F system specifically with facility managers in mind. We wanted a system with a dashboard view of building performance that could change the way you interact with buildings and reduce the time you spend driving and checking facilities every week. Our reporting tools provide insight into energy anomalies that would previously go un-detected – putting out fires before they begin. Quarterly health check-ins make it easy to coordinate with mechanical contractors, as well. 

See it all at once

75F® Facilisight® was invented specifically for facility managers – to put building automation in buildings that did not have the budget for a traditional BAS before. In a single web portal and mobile app, get remote control and diagnostics for all of the HVAC equipment and lighting circuits in your building, or group of buildings. Forget what you know about how much time and money it costs to get that – 75F has broken the mold and changed building automation forever by coming in at about half of the cost of the competition and cutting the installation time in half, as well.

It’s time for you to reap the benefits.

With our Portfolio Analytics Manager, you can gain a portfolio-wide, color-coded snapshot and dashboard across your buildings, with the ability to drill down to individual building, floor, zone and equipment levels in a few easy clicks to check status and monitor real time data, with 650 data points synched to the cloud every minute. Access quick summaries of each of your buildings on one screen, in real time.

Easy. Peasy. 

No programming required 

The 75F system is ready to use from day one, with no programming required. Our machine learning uses predictive analytics to sculpt a new strategy for each day and hour, enabling the BAS to automatically analyze the data model of your building(s), discover new insights (including local weather forecasts) and adjust its strategy on its own, leaving you more time to work on other important tasks.

Easy to install

The 75F install is quick and non-invasive. We can retrofit almost any HVAC equipment with smart controls – including rooftop units, single-stage equipment, water chillers, VAV systems and more. How quick is quick? Recently we installed the solution across 63 zones and four rooftop units at a co-working space – giving occupants individualized temperature control over every room in the building – in a single day.

Make life easier – not harder. Become more productive day-to-day with smart building technology. Get the insights of a BAS from all of your buildings at half the cost of a traditional BAS with our simple, low-cost system powered by breakthrough technologies, such as cloud computing, machine learning, wireless networking and mobile apps, that work together to save your facilities 30-50% on HVAC and lighting utility costs. 

Sarah Baker