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Plug-and-play IAQ sensing

Are you struggling to determine if your facility's indoor air quality (IAQ) is up to the latest standards from the CDC and ASHRAE? Worried about CO₂ levels and VOCs you can't see? The 75F IAQ Sense Kit is the ultimate plug-and-play strategy for putting IAQ questions to rest – permanently. Get an instant diagnostic of your building’s health and wellness. Kit includes durable Pelican case for safe shipping, 4-48 75F® Smart Stat™ devices wired and ready to plug in, 75F® Central Control Unit™ (CCU) wired and pre-registered to the designated Facility Manager, and optional Verizon Jetpack.

75F Smart Stat provides plug-and-play workplace sensing
The 75F Smart Sense includes 7 onboard sensors

Gain immediate insight

Always know the quality of your building's indoor air quality (IAQ) with affordable sensing of temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, light, sound and occupancy. Monitor and harvest trending data to discover trouble zones in your building. Just unpack the kit, take each sensor to their designated zones and plug them in.

Smart Sense works with Facilisight, our suite of web and mobile apps

Support that's just a click away

The IAQ Sense Kit provides the full 75F Facilisight dashboard with real-time and trending data to discover opportunities to improve your indoor environment. The service also includes insights from a 75F Building Intelligence Analyst who will provide a custom COVID-19 preparedness report, assist you with interpreting the data and provide recommendations for improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), energy efficiency, and comfort.With the IAQ Sense Kit, you’ll also receive notifications by email or text message in case an IAQ-related issue arises.


The benefits of improved IAQ

People are the most valuable asset in any building. Therefore, buildings should be working smarter and harder to maintain the optimal occupant experience, creating a healthy, comfy workspace where the indoor environment doesn't detract from workflows. Increasingly, the environmental factors of air quality, temperature and light are recognized as leading elements for tenant comfort, productivity, health and wellness. The IAQ Sense Kit provides sensing to support 75F® Indoor Air Quality™ (IAQ) solutions to assure CO2, VOCs and other gas levels are measured and monitored.

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Increased indoor air quality leads to an increase in comfort and productivity
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Get the details

Download our PDF to learn more about what's included in the monitoring kit. Learn how you can start gaining immediate insight on the quality of your workspace environment with affordable, plug-and-play sensing.



Remote management & visibility

Facilisight, our suite of web and mobile apps, allows for remote monitoring of your IAQ Sense Kit across an entire building, zone by zone. The 75F® Portfolio Energy Manager™ grants multi-site visibility and insights on lighting, HVAC and electric energy consumption intensity and costs per square foot.


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