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Save 30-50% on your HVAC and lighting costs

On average, half of a commercial real estate building's energy costs are directly tied to their HVAC and lighting. Unfortunately, the majority of the systems currently in place are reactive, rather than proactive. As a result, they work harder (not smarter) and they become more expensive to run and maintain. 75F's smart building automation systems can help you cut costs where it matters and get a full return on your investment (ROI) in as little as one year! 

Managing multiple sites?

With 75F, you can view real-time reporting, energy savings and predict equipment failures across multiple locations remotely, all without sacrificing tenant comfort.


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Increase your property value up to 11.8%

As CRE managers and owners continue to discover new ways to differentiate themselves, Commercial Real Estate is adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) faster than any other real estate category. When operating a smart building, owners and managers will not only attract new and retain current tenants with a smart, sustainable building, but also increase their property value by 11.8% per square foot!

Create the Optimal Occupant Experience!

75F building intelligence solutions increase the value of your properties overnight as you're able to offer your tenants a more comfortable environment with indoor air quality for improved productivity and wellness. Smart buildings with automation systems have proven to deliver a 101% increase in cognition. You can equip your tenants with the 75F Occupant App for easy temperature and lighting control, geofencing to pre-condition zones, feedback and vacation-mode scheduling! 

This multiplier benefit of the Occupant Experience and Operational Efficiencies is a factor we like to call, "OE2"

Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Value with 75F's suite of Building Automation Systems

Your Buildings Could Be Working Smarter for You

Download our Smart Buildings Boost Portfolio Value white paper to learn how your commercial real estate properties and your tenants can directly benefit from 75F's building automation systems!


Remote HVAC Controls for Commercial Real Estate

Remote Management & Predictive Maintenance

With 75F's predictive and proactive building automation systems, HVAC and Lighting are automated for optimal energy efficiency and occupant comfort, minimizing manual onsite management. Property managers gain added monitoring and insights around the indoor environment and equipment performance. This helps prevent heating and cooling problems before they occur, reducing the need for costly maintenance truck rolls and service fees and making those required service calls more informed with the right parts and equipment. Insights on the performance and controls across all of your HVAC systems can be reached via your smartphone or browser through 75F Facilisight cloud-based software.

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Building Automation Systems for a Diverse Property Portfolio.

From air quality optimization to zone control to lighting, we offer smart controls and building automation systems for a wide portfolio of building types and installed systems, including Hydronic and Variable Air Volume (VAV) with Reheat. Fast and affordable retrofits give you visibility and unified controls across multiple brands and types of heating, venting and air conditioning systems - all the way down to the building, zone and floor levels.

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Control Temperature in Each Office Zone
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