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Building Automation Systems for Tech Parks


Increase energy efficiency, tenant comfort & productivity. Say goodbye to compromises.

A diverse pool of tenants, each with their own individual requirements, combined with limited resources means that optimal operations are the key to managing and controlling tech park facilities efficiently. With the 75F building intelligence system, tech parks can save up to 50% on their energy, optimize tenant comfort, and improve tenant health and productivity in a consistent, centralized manner.

Our intuitive, self-learning system collects real-time data on everything from the orientation of your buildings to the angle of the sun and weather forecasts. We use this data to determine the ideal thermal envelope and lighting strategy for each individual zone. Working proactively, our system ensures that occupants across your facilities are consistently comfortable and highly productive while saving up to 50% or more in energy costs.


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Control the uncontrollable

Seamlessly manage, monitor and control energy, whether you manage one office or 100 offices across a large campus. Our exclusive energy management portal, Facilisight®, allows you to view your entire portfolio's performance, as well as real-time data on individual zones. Manage your buildings right from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


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Be proactive, not reactive

75F uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing technology to create systems which predict, monitor and manage the needs of zones across your tech park. 

Work with us to eliminate inefficiencies and increase your bottom line.

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Improve your bottom line

Discover and address inefficiencies in your building, save on energy bills and installation costs, all while improving employee health and productivity.

It's a win-win!

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Solutions for every building

75F’s self-learning, proprietary software begins to understand and track your building from the moment it is installed – turning even old, outdated spaces into smart buildings. Whether you are looking to increase energy efficiency, create a more efficient schedule for your lighting, optimize your HVAC, improve air quality or gain insights into how your building uses energy, 75F is the perfect choice.

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75F's self-learning software provides HVAC solutions for every building

Intelligence Beyond Automation

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