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What is the Comfort Index?
Economy vs Comfort
Setting Up Your Heatmap
Heatmap Overview
Compensating For Humidity
Controlling Humidity
Controlling Temperature With iPad



Android App Scheduling Changes
Zone Scheduling Changes
System Schedule Changes
System Vacations vs Zone Vacations
Scheduling Individual Zone Vacations
Scheduling System Vacations

Advanced Features

Using the External Calendar
How to Read the Graphs



How do I get the system to turn on when I come in on the weekend?
Just tap your 75F Wireless Room Module™ Up or Down keys to set your desired temperature. The system will automatically come on and adjust your room temperature to the desired setpoint. It will also adjust the rooms around you like a "thermal blanket".


I changed the temperature in a zone, but it reverted back after some time. What happened?
The 75F Personal MicroZone™ is following the system schedule. When the desired temperature is changed, it lasts until the next occupancy transition. Since no zone is allowed to change the system schedule (allowing that would cause zones to overwrite each other), the change is not persistent. The zone reverts to the regular temperature at the next occupancy transition. If you want local your changes persistent, please use a zone-specific schedule instead of the system schedule.


What is the Comfort Index?
75F is passionate about occupant comfort. We keep track of how close to the desired setpoints our system performs and have created an index of measurement of our performance called the Comfort Index. This index is the average of the difference between the desired setpoints and actual temperatures in the thermal envelope. Our goal is to keep the Comfort Index to 1.0 or less - which means we intend to keep your 75F Personal MicroZone™ within one degree of what you set.




How do you handle humidity?
75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ can control for humidity at desired levels by cooling the thermal envelope overnight to extract moisture in the air. By the first occupied hours in the morning, the air temperature is returned to desired set points. The system can also compensate for humidity, which will adjust the perceived temperature according to the effects of humidity on our perceived temperature.


How long does it take for the system to "learn" my building?
75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ will begin effective control as soon as the second day of operation and will perform at optimum levels by the seventh day.


Do I have to have a 75F Smart Damper™ in every diffuser?
Yes, you should have a 75F Smart Damper™ in every diffuser in order to obtain optimum performance. Since we are balancing the airflow, a diffuser without a damper will degrade system performance.


What happens when we lose Internet connectivity?
Without Internet connectivity, the system operates in the Stand Alone mode based on the last update. It will continue to manage the thermal envelope as usual, but will not benefit from the cloud computing updates.


How do you handle air quality?
75F Dynamic Airflow Balancing™ includes optional air quality measures for both the system air handlers and individual rooms. Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) is provided with CO2 detection and automated ventilation damper control. For rooms subject to a high occupancy load such as conference rooms, a CO2 detector is available, which allows the system to increase airflow when CO2 levels dictate.


Why can’t I change the desired temperature from the Central Control Unit or Wall Room Module?
The system is likely running in vacation mode. In this mode, all the zones are allowed to drift to the limits specified by the user to allow no hotter or cooler temperatures. This allows the system to conserve the most energy and not unnecessarily condition the zones when no one is expected to be there. To disable vacation mode go to Status > System and turn off the slider for Vacation mode.




What if I forgot my password?
If you have web services package with system backup support, please contact customer support and they will give you a one-time password. There is no recovery mechanism for stand alone CCU's.

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