The Future of EMS

Restaurant and facility managers in particular, need Energy Management Systems (EMS) to cut costs. Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS) can even out temperature imbalances in the kitchen, dining rooms and back offices simultaneously. Uncomfortable, hot kitchens are a problem of the past. The new restaurant technology of 75F serves one or 100 restaurants seamlessly, allowing facility managers and building owners to update thermostats within all their restaurants simultaneously – right from their phone, tablet or computer.

While 75F functions like an Energy Management System (EMS), it does much more. By fully understanding your restaurant, it knows when kitchen rush hour will begin and proactively works to keep temperatures consistent and even. 75F’s smart building automation controls can save up to 40% or more in energy. Learning how to best find the right technology for restaurants is important. You will find that the best restaurant Energy Management Systems reduce costs over 30% while improving comfort.


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75F installed in Border Foods

A System in Action

Border Foods, one of the largest Taco Bell franchisees in the nation, had been trying to solve a vexing problem in their restaurants for years. Extreme heat imbalances in the kitchen led to a very hot working environment for employees in some areas, while other areas were sub-cooled. Learn how we are solving temperature and comfort issues across Minnesota for Border Foods.


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Predictive Heating and Cooling 

Utilizing our award-winning Dynamic Airflow Balancing technology, we proactively manage the airflow of your building, minimizing energy usage and improving comfort simultaneously.


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Dynamic Airflow Balancing
Outside Air Optimization


Pressure & Outside Air Optimization

Our Outside Air Optimization strategy brings in fresh air to provide free cooling, improve indoor air quality and even balance differential pressure in your building, leading you to enjoy energy savings while optimizing employee and guest health.


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Acting as much more than a simple timer, our lighting management system ensures that your lighting doesn't run while the sun is still shining, regardless of the season or weather.


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Advanced Lighting



Use our exclusive online management portal to view everything from your entire portfolio's performance to real-time data on individual zones. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phones.


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