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Healthier Buildings: The Business Case for Building Intelligence Post-COVID-19

Understanding how to make indoor spaces safer for a return to work is vital for the commercial building industry and the CDC and ASHRAE have issued guidance on HVAC control sequences for healthier indoor environments. 

75F’s Healthier Buildings webcast series aims to help building owners and facility managers learn how to implement them safely and efficiently.

In the fourth webcast in our series, we focused on how the Internet of Things can enable a quicker, healthier return to work. National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers will also share preliminary results on energy efficiency and comfort in indoor environments that follow CDC & ASHRAE HVAC control guidelines, as well as how 75F's Epidemic Mode compares to the energy usage of the guidelines. 

Join 75F’s founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh; Bill Corrigan, Expert Associate Partner in digital transformation & IoT at McKinsey & Company; and building researchers Marcus Bianchi and Eric Bonnema from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


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