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Healthier Buildings: Reopening Guidance for Safer Schools

Student health and safety is the foremost concern of educators across the country as fall classes commence amid COVID-19. Whether your school is returning to in-person instruction full time or part time, this webcast aims to help you make your buildings safer for your students and teachers.

Webcast hosts will review what medical experts from trusted resources such as the CDC are saying about how COVID-19 spreads, and explain how altering your school's HVAC operation can help mitigate viral spread. Viewers will learn how they can implement this in their own school, both with and without help from a building automation system. For context, two guest presenters from Twin Cities area schools will share their process for reopening as safely as possible.

Your presenters are 75F founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh; Principal of St. Joseph Catholic School, Bruce Richards; and Ronald Mandelbaum, Board Chairman of Bais Yaakov High School of the Twin Cities. Please join us for this important conversation at 2 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, September 15. Registration is free.


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