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Your building should be working harder for you

How is your building working for you? For many commercial building owners and facility managers, their building is a source of constant upkeep and emergency responses. However, affordable and quick-retrofit smart-building technologies with IoT sensors and predictive controls can make your buildings work harder and smarter for youSmart building performance management spanning HVAC, air quality, lighting and energy offers a range of OpEx reduction and other efficiency benefits, well beyond the initial appeal of energy efficiencies and occupant comfort.

Building automation is now affordable and accessible to all.


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We build a vast data model by taking a reading of all the sensors every 60 seconds
75F Portfolio Energy Manager


Up to 50% in energy efficiency is just part of the OpEx savings

Energy efficiency, while critical, is just the beginning of the savings story. With 30-50% energy savings on HVAC and lighting – plus utility incentives – building owners, operators and tenants can realize ROI payback in as little as 1 year. Even greater efficiencies and savings can be realized with smarter predictive building maintenance, remote monitoring, extended equipment lifecycles, and reduced IT infrastructure expenses. Don't forget the big one: improved productivity of employees.

Start with fast installation & setup for wireless building controls

75F building intelligence solutions are affordable, fast to install, and easy to manage. Wireless controls significantly reduce the time and cost of installations, whether installing in a new building or retrofitting an old one. No controls expertise or custom programming is required, so low-voltage electrical and facilities teams can self-perform installations and ongoing management. Software-defined configuration allows for easy controls setup, with assignment of sequences based upon the pre-defined applications - from hydronic controls, to VAV with Reheat orchestration, to Advanced Lighting management.

Fast installation
75F Software Defined Hardware Config on CCU.png

Intuitive software-defined hardware configuration – no programming required

With the intuitive design of 75F building management solutions, you don't need a controls specialist to commission and deploy the system. The versatile 75F® Smart Node™ terminal equipment controller and the sensor-rich 75F® Smart Stat™ controller can work with a wide range of equipment types and applications, across OEM brands and systems profiles. Using dynamic application assignment from the 75F® Central Control Unit™, simply use the software interface to assign the hardware application profile you want to run.

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Make your building work for you with machine learning & predictive environment management 

Some of the greatest efficiencies are built into 75F's cloud-based algorithm with sensor and weather-data feeds, demand and occupancy pattern recognition,  and machine learning.Set it and forget it: our system manages building automation sequences with continuous commissioning, delivering predictive and proactive indoor environment management. You and your team gain valuable insights from data capture and data visualization, which you can use to further optimize settings.

Cloud Computing
Multisite CRe-01.png

Multi-site remote monitoring & management for proactive facility services

75F® Facilisight®, our suite of web and moble apps, enables facility teams to oversee multiple buildings with minute-by-minute status on HVAC, lighting and air quality - all the way down to the floor, zone and equipment levels. Reduce site visits and and make for smarter truck rolls with remote adjustments. Set alerts to receive notifications, and identify emerging problems before they become issues with occupants. Make global policy edits for all, or select building groups. 

With 75F insights, facility management teams can become a data-informed consultant to building owners and tenants. Optimize building performance, equipment uptime, and provide ultimate tenant comfort.

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No onsite IT infrastructure

maintenance costs

Cut IT OpEx. Eliminate the need for on-site servers, storage and networking hardware purchases and the corresponding IT maintenance to support your building automation and controls. No dedicated workstation or forced upgrades for OS and software versions. That's the beauty of being born in the cloud. Software and firmware updates are pushed automagically; so, you and your facilities and IT teams can focus on other priorities. Your 75F Central Control Unit functions as the gateway to the cloud and the head of the local system, using a secure, lightweight, wireless mesh network for communications across devices. 

No onsite IT infrastructure
Facility teams

Facility teams are more informed, efficient and productive with data [facility worker types looking at screen with 75F 300 bldg view on screen]

Get out of emergency response mode and into wellness consultant mode. From owners to operators, your building facility management team can reclaim hours and days of precious time using 75F Building Intelligence solutions. Save labor time and costs, from the quick, no-programming installations, to remote monitoring and predictive maintenance to reduce onsite truck rolls and emergency break/fix responses. And, best of all, the smart building management - continuous commissioning, machine learning and automated controls - maintain optimal conditions, minimizing the time needed for manual HVAC, air quality and lighting management.

OpEx and CapEx Savings with IoT-based Smart Building Solutions

You see how 75F Intelligent Building solutions help lower Operational Expenses (OpEx) through a combination of energy savings, lower labor costs from initial installation to ongoing maintenance, elimination of IT maintenance costs and other efficiencies. And, the higher efficiency of 75F smart HVAC controls help to lower the overall required HVAC capacity, allow for smaller and/or fewer HVAC equipment in order to meet building load. Capital Expenses (CapEx) are also reduced through lower original cost of acquisition with affordable IoT sensors and technologies, elimination of IT hardware, and prolonged equipment lifecycles pushing out the need for new HVAC capital equipment purchases. So, with 75F, everyone from occupant to owner benefits with added value and more-efficient resource use for building management.

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