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Your building should be working smarter for your occupants

Buildings are designed for people. And people are the most valuable asset in any building. So, smart buildings should deliver the ultimate "Occupant Experience" (OE), including comfortable environments with healthy indoor air quality for maximum focus and productivity. Smart building automation systems can also do their part to facilitate employee workflows and make a great people-centric workplace environment.

75F can help your buildings sense, learn and work smarter to deliver the optimal Occupant Experience x Operational Efficiency, what we call "OE2."

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We build a vast data model by taking a reading of all the sensors every 60 seconds
Occupant comfort

Occupant comfort

Temperature, humidity and lighting are significant factors in tenant comfort and employee performance. By placing smart sensors in each zone, we democratize temperature control and put an end to dreaded "thermostat wars". Occupants can adjust the temperature in their zone without compromising comfort elsewhere. Better yet, the smart, predictive controls of 75F building intelligence solutions will automatically balance and optimize the environment for comfort based upon settings, preference and occupancy.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) affects occupant productivity, health and wellness

We spend 90% of our lives indoors – yet the air quality in most buildings is often 2-5x worse than outdoor air quality. Studies such as Harvard's CogFx have proven that high indoor air quality can improve cognitive ability by 101% and reduce absenteeism by 30%.

75F solutions help improve indoor air quality, a key driver for health and productivity. That's why we monitor CO2 levels and bring in fresh outside air to ensure optimal conditions. Our 75F® Smart Stat™ thermostat has 7 onboard sensors to support the emerging WELL building standard and help cure sick building syndrome. 

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Boost productivity & health with indoor air quality
Empowering employees with control of their personal workspace zone

Empowering employees with

control of their personal workspace

You building occupants have a wealth of smart, connected device capabilities in their homes, and they expect their workplace to offer the same. The 75F® Occupant App™ empowers employees with control over their personal zones with the ability to adjust temperatures and lighting.

Voice of the occupant

With the Occupant App™, tenants can provide ratings and feedback to management about their working environment conditions, making it easier for facility managers to keep track.

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Occupancy Map

Occupancy management & workflows

Increase efficiency with the ability to manage your entire system with 75F® Facilisight®our suite of web and mobile apps. Geofencing capabilities sense arrival and precondition employee zones to match personal preferences. Gain deep insights into building occupancy patterns through the occupancy map, and see correlations with indoor environmental conditions from temperatures to CO2 levels to sound decibel levels.


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Predictive, proactive sensing and controls pre-empt occupant issues

What's better than giving occupants an app that allows them to control their environment and give feedback? Proactively managing the their environment to pre-empt issues. With the automated sensing and predictive, continuous commissioning of the 75F smart building automation solutions, your environment is optimized for the balance of tenant comfort and energy efficiency. Plus, with ongoing by-the-minute sensing, alerts, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities, building facilities managers can identify early indicators for the air quality and temperatures going outside of desired ranges, or when equipment is not functioning as expected.

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3 30 300 ROI Rule

Occupant productivity is 100x the value of energy in building performance ROI

The 3-30-300 rule, made popular by JLL, highlights that on an annual cost-per-square-foot basis, organizations spend roughly $3 on utilities, $30 on buildings and $300 on employees. So, if a smart building can provide ROI on energy costs alone in 1-3 years, consider the speed of payback and ongoing returns when factoring employee productivity. The goal is to foster a green and sustainable workplace environment that also factors in the comfort, wellness and productivity of the people in the buildings, for the ultimate occupant experience and value from building investments.

Make your organization a great place to work

Smart buildings attract smart people. Employees want to spend their time at work in a comfortable, healthy and technology-enabled work environment. 75F building intelligence solutions leverage the efficiencies of cloud computing, IoT sensors and wireless communications, data analytics and machine learning - all to create a great internal environment while improving the outdoor environment. Supporting a green, sustainable, energy-efficient environment is a positive move to enhance your brand and reinforce corporate values. 

Make your organization a great place to work
ARC Leed score

Human Experience: a key measure of building performance & benchmarking

75F smart building solutions consider human-building interaction. Even though people work in buildings, they shouldn't be working for buildings. Instead, buildings should be working for the people. The Arc Score is a new means of measuring building performance with "Human Experience" as one of 5 key metrics by which any building owner can benchmark performance.

Building automation and controls can factor heavily into experience design, creating an ideal experience in your building indoor environments for all stakeholder occupants:

  • Occupant Experience (OX)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Employee Experience (EX)
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Visitor Experience (VX)
  • Guest Experience (GX)

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