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OE2 = Occupant Experience x Operational Efficiencies

Buildings should be working smarter for the people who occupy them....and the people who own and operate them too. Smart building automation solutions from 75F help to create the ideal occupant experience with comfortable, healthy indoor environment controls tailored to their zone, plus operational efficiencies in lower energy costs, lower installation and maintenance labor, higher team productivity. 

Occupants are the ultimate customer when it comes to the building performance. So, why aren't more building designs and operations measured by their impact on the people - the occupant experience? And, the occupant isn't the only winner with smart buildings; all stakeholders involved in commercial building performance can benefit from the sensing, data insights and efficiencies delivered from 75F Intelligent Building Solutions.

Only 15% of commercial buildings have building automation systems in place and fewer have truly smart, connected technologies leveraging IoT to sense, gather data, deliver insights and proactively manage to the changing building loads related occupancy, workflows, weather and other factors. Buildings need to get smart. And, buildings need to start working smarter. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to get started.


Occupant Experience

Occupant Experience

Improve productivity, health & comfort with tenant zone control and occupancy management. Smart buildings should deliver the ultimate occupant experience, including comfortable environments with healthy indoor air quality for maximum focus and productivity. Smart building automation systems can also do their part to facilitate employee workflows and make a great people-centric workplace environment. 

How Occupant Experience Factors into OE2
Operational Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

Smart building controls reduce OpEx with quick installs, energy savings & predictive maintenance. Smart building performance management spanning HVAC, air quality, lighting and energy offers a range of OpEx reduction and other efficiency benefits, well beyond the initial appeal of energy efficiencies and occupant comfort.

How Operational Efficiency Factors into OE2

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