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The on-site conductor for smart buildings

Cloud computing meets IoT inside smart buildings. The 75F® Central Control Unit™ (CCU) acts as an aggregation gateway for the modules in the building. At the "head" of the local system, the CCU provides the primary on-site user interface for building management, complementing Web and mobile access. The CCU consists of a removable, custom tablet running Android and seated in a custom Control Mote (CM), with multiple wireless communications protocols, plus 8 wired relays and inputs/outputs for controlling HVAC, lighting and other building equipment.

The CCU interface provides cross-zone, zone-specific and equipment-specific status, real-time data graphs, and a robust set of settings and software-defined configuration capabilities through an intuitive graphic user interface.

The CCU replaces a standard thermostat and connects to the low voltage relay contacts that activate the controlled system. The user interface is upgraded remotely to accomplish new function releases.

Central Control Unit
75F CCU side angle.png

Communications, connectivity & control

The CCU is a combination of a custom Android tablet and control mote backplate serving as the central gateway for communications and control for all 75F product solutions and applications. The CCU provides an on-site, wall-mounted user interface to complement the included 75F Facilisight® web and mobile app software. The CCU works with single and multi-stage systems, heat pump systems, fan coil units, air handlers and variable flow hydronic systems.

Wireless Communications Protocols

  • WiFi for cloud data sync, predictive algorithmic processing and access through the 75F Facilisight software suite via desktop or mobile app 
  • Optional cellular modem as alternative to WiFi connectivity
  • 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth for easy pairing, commissioning and near-field communications with wireless devices
  • 900 Mhz Wireless mesh network provides communications across modules for system functionality, even in event of Internet outage

The 75F Smart Node includes 16 interface ports to support a wide range of I/O uses that support unlimited applications.

I/O ports included:

  • (8) digital output relays; low power 1A 
  • (4) 0-10v analog outputs
  • (2) thermistor (temperature) inputs 
  • (2) 0-10v analog inputs 

User interface function highlights

The CCU is the hub of information and management for all aspects of the building. 

  • Easy mobile pairing, configuration and settings setup
  • Zones status and comfort index dashboard
  • Schedule and setpoint adjustments
  • System run time and drill down 
  • Real-time graph of sensor inputs
  • Alerts with severity color coding

The CCU provides the user interface to setup and configure the building zones and HVAC equipment. 

Cloud to CCu.png

Mobile commissioning

The CCU tablet is removable from the control mote backplate, allowing mobile capabilities throughout your facility.

  • Pairs with 75F Smart Node, Smart Stat, ITM and wireless sensors
  • Commissioning setting for applications


Gateway to remote management

The CCU is the communications head for the local modules and serves as the gateway to the Internet, by which 75F Facilisight® Web and mobile software enables you to manage your entire system remotely. Remote monitoring and management capabilities include at-a-glance multi-site status and drill-down analysis, schedule and set point changes, and making changes to hundreds of buildings with a single click using our Global Policy Editor.


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