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VIDEO: VAV Box Controllers Deserve a Smarter Approach

Jun 28, 2018 9:16:24 AM

The Variable Air Volume (VAV) with reheat HVAC systems and box controllers commonly found in commercial office buildings present a great opportunity for building owners and managers to save energy, improve operational efficiencies and better manage occupant comfort, with more sophisticated sensing and controls orchestration. These VAV with reheat systems tend to use the rooftop unit (RTU) to first cool supply air to a standard 55 degrees, then typically use the electric heat at the individual VAV box reheat elements throughout the building for heating supply air to desired temperatures for the zones. Though, the traditional VAV system has several issues with inefficiency and lack of sensing and controls management.

Check out this video to learn how you can improve building performance with operational efficiencies and a better occupant experience with the 75F Smart VAV with Reheat solution.

See how the 75F Smart VAV with Reheat solution delivers a unique system-wide approach to maximizing Variable Air Volume with reheat, delivering:  

  • Zone Performance 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Remote Monitoring & Control 
  • Predictive Maintenance 

Check out the video to learn how 75F Smart VAV with Reheat can improve your building energy efficiency and comfort with improvements, incorporating a combination of 75F intelligent building solutions for optimized VAV system performance: 

  • A new approach to VAV with Reheat bringing system-wide sensing and orchestration between the RTU and the VAV controllers, for holistic VAV system automation with continuous commissioning
  • Our dynamic airflow balancing algorithm, with continuous commissioning across zones, sensing and delivering supply air to the zones that need it
  • Our outside air optimization for demand control ventilation and free cooling efficiencies when outside air is favorable
  • Eliminating the energy waste associated with the 55 degree target
  • Efficiently using outside air and return air mixture ratio to meet building demand across zones for maximum comfort, while minimizing energy consumption
  • Intelligently using the lower-cost gas RTU compressors for air conditioning and minimally using reheat boxes, which often use electric
  • Smarter VAV system morning warmup routine, factoring every zone's load patterns
  • Verification reheat box equipment performance, with pre- and post- reheat sensors

75F Smart Approach to VAV with Reheat System box controller -  illustration

To learn more about the 75F Building Intelligence vertically-integrated suite of IoT-connected building automation sensors, controllers and cloud-based predictive software, see the How it Works video.



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